Truck vs Supercar Experience

Mixing up the big tyres with the slicks on this Supercar vs Truck Challenge! This inspired combination will see you driving both a full sized HGV truck and a glamorous supercar at your choice of five different driving grounds across the UK.

Of course both drives are completely different. The truck is big bulky and a real challenge to get to grips with as you sit high above the road in your proper trucker’s seat. Then there’s the supercar that’s incredibly low to the ground (be prepared for being just centimetres from the tarmac!) and very very fast so it’ll be interesting to see which vehicle you’ll prefer in a kind of motoring equivalent of a hare and tortoise style encounter!

This unique chunky truck versus funky supercar challenge experience is available at various venues all of which are top-notch driving centres well away from the congestion of the public roads. Which is perhaps just as well as you’ll be in a truck towering over all the other cars without an HGV licence (and don’t worry it’s not needed for this challenge as you’ll be driving the truck on private roads).

You will be driving one of the automatic DAF trucks used as a car transporter on the perimeter roads around the circuit whilst the spin out in the supercar will take place on the actual track. Both different zones of play but both utterly brilliant in their own way. Which sports car you want to drive is up to you and there’s a fine selection to choose from including the Ariel Atom the Porsche 997 Lamborghini Gallardo and more.

Your truck challenge session will see you enjoying 15 minutes of truckin’ with a fully qualified HGV instructor next to you in the cab and three laps around the smooth tarmac of the race track in the supercar you’ve chosen. Just don’t forgot your Yorkie bar for the truck and those swanky sunglasses for the supercar bit!

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