Trucks and Supercars

It’s the best of both worlds rolled into one with the truck and supercar experience! Not only do you get to drive the supercar of your choice you also get to drive the truck that brought it to the track. 

Rather than individually drive all the cars that are in the fleet to the track days it’s actually easier logistically to load them onto a specialist transporter lorry and drive them all there in ‘bulk’ as it were. That means there’s always a big HGV lorry at these events. (You can see where this is going can’t you!). The organisers had a eureka moment when they thought they should offer drives in them rather than being parked up all weekend.

Then someone had the even smarter idea of combining a truck and supercar drive to create this brilliant dual experience. It means you get to taste the sheer power of both a truck and a fancy car of your choosing. Interestingly both types of vehicles boast around the same amount of horsepower. Modern fuel-efficient trucks need every one of those 400-odd horsepower to tow 16 tons of a full load on the motorway. For the one to two ton supercar 400bhp or more is just sheer indulgence.

Although truck racing is very much a viable motorsport that’s alive and well you won’t be taking the transporter out on the track to hustle in amongst the Ferraris and Astons. You’ll be on the perimeter roads trying your hand at manoeuvring the monster. Even just pulling off from standstill is quite different to your average car. Rather than reveal all we’ll let you find out when it’s your turn to be at the helm of the truck.

As for the supercars they need no introduction. Each and every one is a star. We all have our personal favourites and there’s bound to be one of yours in the fleet. You’ll be driving for three miles around the circuit giving you enough time to appreciate the awesomeness of the car. An instructor will be in the passenger seat giving you tips on the getting the racing line spot on.

Little vs large big vs small slow lane vs fast line 16 gears vs 6 – that’s the beauty of this truck and supercar experience for you!

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