Typhoon Turbo 2-Seater Passenger Ride

Here’s an experience with a difference – it’s a two seater version of a current single seater racing car and you’ll be in as a passenger! Get ready to see the world at a very different speed as you hurtle around the track with an expert driver at the helm so you can feel what it’s like to be a proper racing driver.

The new generation of Formula Ford that this motorsport team runs is the EcoBoost 200 making it a proper and very exciting driving series to be involved in. The team competes in the Dunlop MSA Formula Ford Championship with a two-car squad so this lot certainly know their stuff when it comes to going fast in cars!

Speed is the essence of this experience. These ‘junior’ single seaters as they are called are anything but second fiddle when you see that they run on 1.6l Ford EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engines. And yes 1.6 might not sound very big but when you think how little these things weigh and with the super aerodynamic design you’ll be easily doing 0-100mph by the time you’ve read to the end of this paragraph – remember Formula 1 runs a 1.6 litre turbo too!

For this thrilling experience you will be a passenger in a unique race car. Specifically designed and built for this vibrant motorsport team you will be sitting in the rear seat of a proper racing machine. But who will be driving?

Well that’s where it gets even more interesting. An ex-Euroboss F1 driver will be doing the honours. A car like this will simply be putty in their hands and where we’d be braking or at least lifting off the accelerator these guys just carry on at full throttle. They have an awful lot of bottle. All that remains to be seen is if you can handle the ride?

Of course you won’t just be plonked in a revved up race car and sent off around the track on this experience. There’s a safety briefing on Terra Firma before meeting your chauffeur who’ll be transporting you into the gravity-bending world of high speed motoring in this unique two seater race car. Take a deep breath jump in and get ready to hang on for dear life as you go pelting around the circuit with a pro!

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