Ultimate Car Crush Experience

Welcome to the Ultimate Car Crush experience giving you exclusive access to the world of monster vehicles! You get to take over the whole arena on these unique and bespoke monster truck sessions with a proper car crushing experience as the finale to your own personal monster truck show.

You’ll be the star driver on these ultimate experiences and you can invite up to five of your friends and family along to spectate at your monster spectacular. All roads lead to the car crush session but before that you get to discover just how good a couple of other 4×4 vehicles are. As you’d expect from this team of monster truckers who travel the length and breadth of the country putting on monster shows neither of them is your standard 4×4.

To the untrained eye the Land Rover Defender 90 might look like your average Landy But no take a closer look and you’ll spot that the ground clearance is way higher (in fact it boasts a 75mm suspension lift!) and it has beefed up Rancho off-rod shock absorbers. This is a Landy on steroids and it’s ready to whip up a storm on the ‘Jungle Run’ with you.

Then you’ll take Black Ice out on the same run. He’s a formidable looking European-spec monster of a truck based on a Toyota HiLux. Once again he’s been tweaked and modded to the point of bursting with muscles. We love the 44” Ground Hawg tyres and high wattage spots all around. There’s no doubting you’d see Black Ice coming at you in the dark with that lighting rig.

Whilst the Defender and the Euro Spec trucks are both impressive motors there’s no way they could crush a car. There’s only one monster truck for that job and he’s called Grizzly. Undeniably the star of the show he’s the width of three cars with the wheel height alone coming in at 5ft 6”. 

Crushing a car in this monster truck takes skill. So you’ll practice your moves by driving Grizzly over some already slightly squished cars that are used for training. Once you’ve nailed that you’ll be ready to take on the task of powering all 7.5 tonnes of Grizzly greatness over your very own pair of poor un-suspecting family hatchbacks. Get ready for the sound of the bonnet buckling the windscreen shattering and the roof caving in…brilliant stuff!

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