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Ultimate Lamborghini vs Ferrari Race Car Experience | The Real Britain Company

Ultimate Lamborghini vs Ferrari Race Car Experience

Get set for the Lamborghini vs Ferrari race car experience! Take two of the world’s finest names in supercars transform them into true race cars put them on the track and drive them. That’s what this thrilling experience is all about and you will be the one driving in both cars.

The Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo and the Ferrari 458 Challenge were both specifically built for their respective single series racing championships of the same name. That’s to say a whole bunch of Lamborghini Super Trofeos would race each other in the Super Trofeo series and would a fleet of Ferrari 458 Challenges competed in the Challenge series. So as you can see these are proper race-going versions of the road cars – and they are awesome!

Both are resplendent in their race livery right down to the custom paintwork the super low profile race tyres and the unmistakably large whale tail rear spoilers and skirts. Both certainly look the part but what do they have under the bonnet?

Well on paper the Lambo has the edge with the 5.2l V10 620bhp engine whilst the Ferrari cruises in with the 4.5l V8 562bhp engine. But this is the ultimate Lamborghini vs Ferrari race shakedown and there’s no telling which of these Italian supercar racers you’ll prefer.

Your experience will start with a welcome and driver briefing on things like racing lines and track etiquette. Then it’s out to check out the track as a passenger in a sports saloon for four laps one of which will be at high speed. Then with an instructor by your side you’ll drive the Lamborghini Super Trofeo for eight laps and the Ferrari Challenge for eight laps as well.

The prancing horse (the cavallino rampante) is the iconic logo of Ferrari whereas the bull ready to charge (after the sign of the zodiac of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini) is the badge sitting proudly on the Lamborghini – but who will win the battle? Only you can decide but one thing’s sure you will have an amazing time finding out on this thrilling Lamborghini vs Ferrari race car experience at Bovingdon Circuit in Hertfordshire.

Find out more and book your place today!