Ultimate Teen Supercar Party

There ain’t no party like a supercar party! This day out at the race track has to be the ultimate birthday party for car-mad teens with a tasty mix of motors and birthday cake. Get the invites out to the kids and wait for the rev counters to leap as the little ones get to drive some dream cars.

When you’ve got a celebration to organise for your teenage sons or daughters it can be a daunting task but we’ve got the ideal answer with these parties that give a group of eight kids the chance to drive not one but two super cars around a proper circuit.

And it is going to be a full-on blowout of a do with a fleet of seriously cool cars sitting in the pits waiting for those youngsters to hop onboard clunk click that seatbelt and power off into the distance savouring 10 minutes behind the wheel to get a feel for what these fabulous cars are all about and why even when we get to being adults we all lust after a fancy motor!

With a line up that usually includes an Audi R8 a Ferrari a Lamborghini Nissan GTR and an Aston Martin too your children are going to have a difficult decision to make. Which two will they chose to drive?  Of course your young automotive fans won’t have a driving licence (as they need to be 11 to 17 years old to join this party) but that doesn’t matter one iota as they will be on private land at these tracks.

And despite the hefty price tags and head turning looks these cars are pretty easy to drive as they are either dual control and/or automatic with incredible engines that do all the hard work changing up and down the gears for you with some of these cars having eight forward ones to choose from. It has to be said this get together is a whole world away from you usual teenage birthday party.

After driving two cars each child will be treated to a high speed passenger ride in one of the track’s hot hatches. After that the supercar party ends in the best way possible – with the birthday boy or girl cutting the cake to share amongst their budding sports car drivers. You even get a CD of photos taken during the track day to take home with you. Now that’s what we call a proper party on four wheels.

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Ultimate Teen Supercar Party
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