Ultimate Truck Driving Duo

Bringing you the ultimate truck driving session to a venue near you! These double trucking experiences are offered at locations around the country and they give you the chance to drive a duo of trucks; one American and one European. It’s going to be a brilliant transatlantic truck fest for you!

This truck experience combines the best of the trucking world. There’s the all-American Peterbilt which is rarely-seen sight in the UK but one of the most popular trucks in the USA. Then there’s the Volvo FH460. You see trucks like these pounding the motorways every day but this time it’ll be you who’ll be at the wheel of this true workhorse of the roads.

What’s more the Volvo isn’t just any old trucking set up delivering everyday goods. The cab is attached to a 45ft-long trailer which transports supercars to track days. It’s just like the ones you’d expect to see at motor racing events with huge dropdown sides that become the mobile team HQ. It’s actually pretty neat and makes your Volvo trucking session quite unique!

The Peterbilt 379 is a flashy and out-there as you’d expect from a truck that rolls those long-distance cross-county journeys across the pond. It’s got shiny chrome everywhere that huge aggressive front grille the long long nose those high double exhaust pipes reaching into the air and of course air horns. There’s even a fancy flame livery licking the sides of the cab. Surely it’s the ultimate truck to drive?

You’ll be at the helm of each truck for between 15 and 20 minutes. In that time you’ll have tackled moving off (and we have to say it’s nothing like starting off in a car!) steered around a slalom course and had fun on a straight where you can feel the acceleration of these impressive trucks.

For us this is the ultimate truck driving experience that is the stuff of dreams. If you’ve ever watched any American road movie trucks like the Peterbilt appear all the time. And if you’ve ever had the joy of driving nose-to-tail on the M1 you’ll certainly have been alongside a time-served ever-faithful Volvo truck at some point. Now it’s your turn to be a trucker!

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