Unusual London Tour Choice for Two

We’ve got a plethora of unusual London tours for you to choose from! So you want to visit London you want to spend some time in the capital but don’t fancy one of the standard tours where you see all the usual sights and landmarks you already know. These unique London tours will show you a whole different side to the capital.

Secret hidden forgotten lost and even bizarre. These are just some of the words used to describe the itineraries of these guided walks. London is such a melting pot of history culture architecture and art that everywhere you look (if you know where to look) there are endless fascinating parts of the capital waiting to be discovered. Beyond the usual tourist trail you’ll be walking London’s hidden streets walkways and alleys to lift the lid on fascinating London life through the ages.

From the risqué sleazy and spirited London from several centuries ago to the crazy customs and ceremonies the actual City of London can still observe this is London like never before. Even if you live or work in the capital these unique tours will open your eyes to over 2000 years of history. The programme we’re offering gives you a whole host of London tour itineraries to choose from all of which are unique in their own way.

The places you’ll walk by and visit are not the sort of landmarks you’ll spot on a map or read about in any visitor’s guide. In some cases you’ll just be around the corner from some of the most famous and visited areas of the capital such as Soho’s Theatre Land or St Paul’s Cathedral. On other tours you’ll be way off the beaten track. But in all cases one thing is sure – the tour is going to give you a unique view of London to enjoy.

From tales that connect fighting mice with Sir Christopher Wren unicorns in the City and even Sweeney Todd’s barbers you’ve got it all to discover. On these unique London tours you’ll be looking up high peering through windows peeking around corners and even having a quick scout underneath to give you the most fascinating insight into the hidden London. 

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