Up at The O2 Celebration with Champagne for Two

Take a toast on the roof of The O2 with a Celebration Climb for two! On this thrilling experience you’ll be marvelling at the views whilst sipping a glass of Champagne at the viewing platform right in the middle of the roof of London’s iconic O2 Arena.

Before you can chink glasses and say cheers you have to get up there. And that’s where it all gets interesting. Originally built to house the exhibition to celebrate the start of the third millennium ‘The Dome’ as it was known is still to this day the largest structure of its type in the world. It may resemble a large marquee but it’s actually a major feat of engineering and architecture standing 52m high.

Given all that how on earth do you get up there for your celebratory flute of Champagne Lanson? Well you walk it that’s how! You get kitted out with special O2 walking boots with harnesses and karabiners and then you set off with your guide leading you on your mission to scale this most famous curved structure.

It’s an incredible adventure up there as you pass those iconic 100m-high yellow masts and make your way skywards. Having reached the very highest point of The O2 it’s time to congratulate yourselves with your well-deserved glass of Champagne.

At this point if you have something very special to celebrate it might be the moment to savour. Maybe you have a question to pop? Maybe you want to raise a glass to acknowledge that special person or a birthday? Whatever the occasion there’s no better way that celebrating right on the very top of The O2 glass of Champagne in hand.

What goes up must come down as they say so having taken in the views shared a selfie or two done the toasting and polished off your Champagne it’s time to walk back down the other side of The O2. Once your feet are back on solid ground take a moment to look back at where you’ve just been and congratulate yourselves on your incredible O2 celebration climb.

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