Can you believe that you get to walk up and over this most famous of buildings on the thrilling ‘Up at The O2’ experience? You will be scaling the sides of this iconic structure to enjoy stunning views over east London as you climb onto the rooftop viewing platform to appreciate the skyline of the capital like never before.

Designed and developed by the original architects of The O2 this climbing challenge will pit your determination and strength up against 380 metres of fabric walkway. Your path takes you literally up and over The O2 as you climb all the way across the webbed roof suspended 52m above the ground and with up to 30° angles of ascent.

Climbers will be justly rewarded for their efforts – as well as the sheer elation of what you’ve just achieved the platform at the summit affords stunning panoramas of the City Greenwich Park and such landmarks as the Tower of London the Observatory and the newly constructed Shard.

Safety is paramount and before you begin your intrepid climb of The O2 you and your group will be given a full briefing as well as being kitted out in a climbing suit comfortable shoes and a harness that will keep you securely clipped onto the dedicated metal guide ropes for the duration of your excursion.
Depending on the overall pace and ability of the group you join the full ascent and descent should take around 45 minutes and provides you with numerous chances to pause and appreciate the views. On the summit of The O2 you can get a full 360° vista across London before beginning the gentle downward slope back to North Camp.

This fantastic urban mountaineering experience at The O2 makes a great addition to any visit to the capital or as a quirky gift for any Londoners looking to discover their city in a new way. You’ve got to agree it’s not every day you can say you’ll be going on such an unforgettable high-rise hike!

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