Variable Gift Token

Introducing our most flexible gift token ever! Allowing you to choose the monetary value of the tokens means this gift option is as variable and versatile as the range of experiences and goodies they can be exchanged for.

Say goodbye to boring gift tokens (we seem to remember from our childhood ones for books were the dullest) and say hello to a whole world of excitement thrills and laughter as you give someone you love the chance to do something different for once. It might be a high-speed day on the track a hair-raising sky bound adventure or simply a nice day out in the country or a tasty meal but what we do know is that we cater for everyone.

Have a browse of our easy-to-navigate website and you’ll see we’ve got something to suit every purse and budget too. All you have to do as the purchaser of the gift token is to decide how much you want to give. We know from talking to our clients that many of you get together and have a ‘whip round’ for a present for a special occasion which is why you can choose any amount.

For example if you’ve collected £59.05 (who put in the 5p?!) simply type that in the Experience Voucher Options box and the amount automatically appears underneath. This will then be the amount the gift token is for. And in case you were wondering it doesn’t have to be dominations of 10 or even five you can go for ANY total you like.

Then what happens?

Once the lucky recipient has been given their IntotheBlue gift token they have the delight of being able to pick what they fancy from the impressive line up of experiences on our website. Then all they need to do is register their voucher and choose their experience.

What if what I want to do isn’t the same price as the value of my gift token?

If it’s more expensive you simply pay the difference. If your gift token is of a greater value you’ll be offered another gift token in the form of a credit note that you can then use to put towards something else from IntotheBlue. 

Find out more and book your place today!

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Variable Gift Token
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