Wakeboarding Brighton

Ride the water like a pro when you learn wakeboarding in Brighton! This wake park just outside Brighton along the Hove waterfront offers one of the most innovative wakeboard cable tow systems out there which means it’s easy for beginners to get up and going on the board.

These two learner packages will see you immersing yourself in the coolest water sport there is with top notch tuition included to help you progress quickly. Of course Brighton is right on the sea but you will actually be wakeboarding on an inland lagoon just metres away from the promenade.The advantage of this is that the water is nice and flat and you don’t have waves to contend with.

If you literally just want to dip your toe in the water the wakeboarding taster here in Brighton is perfect for you. Over the course of an hour you will be taught all the basics. Starting on land the instructors will show you how to actually get strapped into the board and bindings and what stance to adopt by establishing whether you are regular or goofy. (i.e. left or right foot at the front of the board). You will then move over to the dedicated beginner’s wakeboard cable tow (this Brighton venue has three tow systems in operation) and get ready to launch.

Most novice wakeboarders do water starts which means you will be in the water with the cable handle in your hand ready to be pulled up. Once you’re up and steady – and it might take you a few goes before you are – there’s no time to celebrate as you’ll suddenly be skimming across the water. Now it’s all about hanging on and trying to remember what your instructor taught you!

The advantage of this particular system in Brighton is that it is a continuous wakeboarding loop where you ride up turn and then ride back down rather than pylons in a square shape with tricky corners to negotiate. By the end of the taster you should be pretty good at starts and riding in a straight line.

For those who want a longer go at this wakeboarding lark we can heartily recommend the Learn to Wakeboard Course at Brighton. Extended time on the lagoon’s cable system means you will get the hang of both water and dock starts (where you let the cable pull you off the pontoon onto the water) make smooth sweeping turns at the end of the line and maybe even start a few little classic wakeboard moves such as popping an ollie or even riding switch (i.e. with the opposite foot leading). Once you’ve completed this course you can book yourself in for ride sessions at your leisure at this Brighton club.

We think the fact that you’ll be learning on a beginner’s only tow combined with tuition from some of the country’s best cable wakeboarders and group sizes that are kept to a maximum of just two people means you will be able to get to grips with this sport in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure. And who knows you might take to wakeboarding at Brighton’s first lagoon cable tow like a duck to water!

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