Weekday Supercar Blast

If you’re looking for a bargain our latest supercar offer gives you the chance to drive a very expensive car for not much money! The Anglesey Wigan York and Staffordshire venues have a whole roster of fancy cars good onsite facilities and a friendly team – what more could you ask for?

This is the Supercar Blast. It’s offered to you at either the Staffordshire Driving Centre Three Sisters track Tockwith Motorsports Centre York or Anglesey Race Circuit in Wales. The crews are lovely and every time there’s a supercar day swathes of motoring fans are welcomed to the tracks as are friends and family spectating. In fact coming along to cheer the driver is positively encouraged which just adds to the bustling atmosphere.

The circuit in Staffordshire uses the tarmac runway of this former airfield. Being fairly compact it means the whole track can be seen from the dedicated viewing areas. That means spectators are ideally placed to catch that steely concentrated stare most of us have when we’re seriously trying to drive a fancy car as fast as we can. Over at Anglesey York and Three Sisters there are also circuits available to test your mettle!

The current line up for this offer includes supercars from pretty much each of the biggest car-producing nations. There’s the German precision with the Audi and the Porsche. The flair of Italy with the Lamborghini and the Ferrari. The best of British with the Aston and even the brashness of the US of A with the Mustang. And lastly the land of the rising sun is there with the Subaru and the Nissan.

On these super blast offers we have packages giving you the chance to drive one two three four or even five of the available cars on the day. So the more cars you choose the more time out on the track you’ll get which means better racing lines and improving lap times as you go.

Oh and as if you needed any more reasons to book a supercar offer we must talk about the on-site facilities at the tracks. There’s plenty of car parking driver briefing rooms are spacious . A special mention goes to the catering too – the best bacon butties going are surely the perfect accompaniment to a bit of fast car driving – but perhaps best left until after your drive! 

Find out more and book your place today!