Western Adventure in Hampshire

Giddy yourself up and get ready to go horse riding at this New Forest Western Riding centre in Hampshire! This full day experience is all about becoming part of the stable team so you’ll be combining riding out Western-style with learning how to look after your own mount for the day.

Of course any good horseman or woman knows you need bags of energy for New Forest horse riding so before you even put one foot in the stirrup you’ll tuck into a bacon (or vegetarian) sandwich with a steaming coffee to kick-start your equine adventure.

It has to be said riding a horse in and around the New Forest isn’t about proving you are the next Sundance Kid. You can grab the reins whatever your age or riding ability with beginners particularly welcome and of course all equipment is provided – you just need to come prepared to get stuck in!

You’ll be given your very own Western-trained Paint or Appaloosa horse for the duration of the experience and even though you won’t be galloping around the real wild wild west the trails around the New Forest plains are a really lovely and gentle introduction to this riding style that is very different to European riding. Your first job? To tack your steed up with the Western saddle and then mosey on down to the arena for a lesson in riding.

Lunch is next – and not just for you as your mount will need feeding and watering before you can tuck into a tasty chicken or steak BBQ. Once you and your horse are replenished and ready to go riding the afternoon is spent in the wild blue yonder as you walk and jog along lovely trails passing by New Forest ponies ducking under branches in the woods and ambling along leafy tracks. You might even be able to spot some other famous residents of the New Forest – the wild deer.

Horse riding in the New Forest will open your eyes to just how unspoilt this National Park is and what a superb way it is to not only enjoy an authentic New Forest adventure western-style but to spot animals playing in completely natural surroundings too.

Your day of horse riding around the New Forest is topped off with a delicious sweet treat back at the ranch but only after you have tended to your horse as you’re a true cowboy now. This means you make sure your horse is un-tacked fed and watered before sharing tales of horse riding in the New Forest with your fellow riders. And remember you don’t need to be John Wayne to trail ride as many of the participants on these experience days have never even ridden a horse before. So get yer jeans on and ride the range! Yee-haa!

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Western Adventure in Hampshire
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