Whisky Connoisseur at Bimber Distillery

Spend an hour or so whisky tasting in north west London and you’ll become a bit of a connoisseur! As well as sampling that fine nectar you will also tour the premises as this isn’t just a place to drink whisky – they make it here too!

What’s amazing about Bimber Whisky is the fact that it is one of the first to be produced within London in over a century. We’re pretty sure Londoners get through a fair amount of whisky so it makes sense to make some in the capital. And whilst Scottish and Irish whisky might be the best-known this talented team is determined to put London back on the whisky producing map.

Your malt whisky tour at Bimber starts with an ice breaker of a cocktail – made with whisky of course. You’ll have a chat with the distillery team who’ll the explain the tasting and tour programme to you. They’ll also talk a little bit about the history of their business their passion for spirits (the drinking kind rather than the spooky kind) and their current products including their range of single malt whiskies which will be launched in 2019.

Heading down onto the craft distillery floor you’ll be amazed by the pot stills column stills mash tuns and fermenters. It’s feels like a veritable laboratory rather than just where whisky is produced and the expert distillers are the alchemists of malting mashing and distilling. The full process will explained to you from grain to bottle opened and ready to pour.

And that is just how your whisky tour continues with you congregating in this artisan London distillery bar for a spirits tasting session. Having seen all that English barley you’ll now be able to experience for yourself what spirits taste like having been matured in various different casks. You might be surprised to learn that barrels are re-used to give spirits such as whisky distinguishing notes and flavours. At Bimber the whisky is matured in casks formerly used in the making of Bourbon Sherry and Port as well as Virgin American Oak casks too.

In the words of the great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw: ‘Whisky is liquid sunshine’. And we’re sure whisky fans going on this whisky tasting in north west London’s Bimber Distillery will agree!

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