Great Scotch (and other whiskies from Britain and beyond!) delivered direct to your door with these whisky tasting subscriptions! Five miniature whisky bottles by post every three months for a year or nine months. This is the whisky gift that keeps on giving that armchair connoisseurs will love.

Making whisky is easy. Really easy in fact. You just need barley water and yeast. Making good whisky takes time skill and the right types of those essential ingredients treated in the right way. This whisky tasting company works with the best Scottish distilleries and world-wide whisky makers to source the very best single malts. Using its own bottling facility in the Scottish borders miniature bottles are filled with the carefully chosen whiskies neatly packaged and sent to subscribers.

In each whisky package there are detailed tasting notes. These will tell you about the provenance of the whisky and explain the tastes. For example you might taste a delightful Tomintoul produced in the highest village of the Highlands using the purist spring water around for a crisp golden flavour. Or will you prefer the intense aromas of an Islay Storm whisky that has the smokiness of the peat and hints of the coastal breeze of this wild Atlantic Coast island in Scotland?

Over the course of your nine-month subscription you’ll taste 15 whiskies and a bumper 20 whiskies await those subscribed for 12-months. Each one is a miniature 30ml bottle enough for you to indulge in solo or share a wee dram with a loved one. There is even a neat little whisky tasting mat included for all subscribers so you can note down your thoughts and opinions on each whisky you try.

In an ideal world we’d all be sitting in a huge comfy armchairs in front of roaring fires on a crisp and cold autumnal evening with a chocolate labrador asleep at our feet whilst sampling these wee bottles of the amber nectar. In reality you’ve just arrived home after a testing day. Open your whisky tasting subscription package kick off your shoes throw yourself down on the sofa and savour the first of five fine examples of the finest whiskies around…

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