White Water Activities Glasgow

Thrilling white water rafting in Glasgow and a whole lot more besides! There are three ways to make a splash at this unique urban watersports centre in Scotland with white water rafting river boarding and funyaking all available for you to try.

Pinkston watersports centre just beyond the M8 in Glasgow is Scotland’s only artificial white water centre. It’s really close to the city and is great place to get a group of you together and try something new – but we have to warn you you will be getting wet!

There’s actually a flat water basin here at Pinkston which has bathing-quality water for swimming and things like kayaking. But you’ll be going a lot more extreme for your rafting as you tackle the full-on whitewater course at this friendly Glasgow venue. This is a 100m long purpose-built course where special underwater blocks called Rapid Blocs have been used to create rapids with swirling water challenges and obstacles at every turn.

All you need to do is choose your weapon. Go classic and jump aboard an inflatable raft with a guide at the helm whilst you and your crew attempt to manoeuvre paddle steer and control this bouncing craft as you career down the course. Then again you can go all Hawaii 5-0 with a Funyak. These inflatable craft are a bit like a kayak but a lot less tricky to handle. Armed with a twin-blade paddle you and your Funyaking partner ride tandem down the rapids.

For solo white water fiends in Glasgow you can forego the raft for river boarding. Just like a boogie board you try and conquer the swirling waters of Pinkston using your body to steer. This is a back to basics watersport with water splishing and splashing all over you so you’ll need to be at ease on and more importantly in the water for this one. And you’ll be given fins (albeit artificial ones) so you can propel yourself through those fast-moving Scottish white waters.

Whether you go for whirling white water rafting in Glasgow give the crazy sport of river boarding a go or head down the rapids two by two in a Funyak it’s going to be a great day out on the waters of Pinkston. And of course the water craft paddles fins wet suit buoyancy aid and helmet are all included.

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