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White Water Rafting in North Wales | The Real Britain Company

White Water Rafting in North Wales

Ideal for learning white water rafting in Wales out on the River Dee is a big draw for novice and expert rafters alike! Paddlers come from all over North Wales and beyond to ride these thrilling white waters rafting with the likes of Commonwealth Champion Jimmy Jayes who founded this school in 1985.

The conditions around this area of Wales mean there are excellent and reliable white waters for rafting throughout the year making this section of the River Dee one of the best white water flows in the UK. So expect to be swirled around and go bobbing up and down all over the place as you raft along!

There are all grades of rapids here and for a less challenging (but no less thrilling) session for beginners a stretch of Welsh water right adjacent to Llangollen is the starting point. It’s a great little spot and even friends and family can spectate from the bridge over the rapids cheering you on as you paddle by.

Each raft takes between four and six passengers and you’re all kitted out at basecamp before you head out onto this three kilometre stretch of continuous rapids. If you’re up for it there are some fab little naturally occurring white water challenges to take on from the Serpent’s Tail and Town Falls to Campsite Weir.

All rafts come with their very own instructor onboard who’ll be guiding you and your merry crew along the rapids. No previous experience is necessary but you will need that sense of adventure and fun as you will be getting wet when you go white water rafting in Wales. This is one of the very best places for it so we reckon you should properly go for it and get paddling those swirls. If you really get into it you might even be able to fit in several runs during your allotted rafting time out on the River Dee.

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