Wildlife Safari Padstow

See what sea life comes out to play when you take part in this Cornwall sea safari! This lovely part of the world boasts a stunning coastline and a full array of wildlife. Who will you get to meet in their natural habitat on your safari tour?

We are offering two different sea safari packages for you in Cornwall. The two hour Sea Safari will see you covering around 25 miles of coastline in search of the local inhabitants whilst the shorter Seals Cave trip gives you an hour exploring where the creatures might be hiding.

For both safaris you will be heading out onto the open seas off the Cornish coast in Ocean Voyager a powerful RIB boat skippered by Ian Kitto. Ian is an active member of the RNLI lifeboat crew and is brimming with knowledge on the local history fishing lifeboat and wildlife around this Cornwall coastline he calls home. We can’t think of a better guide to show you around.

Both itineraries embark from the very pretty town of Padstow. Heading along the river you’ll have your first encounters with the local wildlife including the likes of cormorants and oyster catchers along the water’s edge. Then once you’re out on the sea it’s a whole different kettle of fish with a rich and varied mix of marine wildlife.

Of course this isn’t a zoo environment it’s the wide open coast of Cornwall so there’s no guarantee any of the residents will come out to play during your sea safari but skipper Ian is determined and very skilled at finding where the teams of dolphins and the seals are – not easy when they very much move from place to place.

If you opt for the Seals Cave tour you’ll stay close to the imposing Cornish cliffs and even venture into some of the secret caves and coves. This is a really magical moment as they are only accessible by boat from the sea which is perhaps why the often shy seals love these hiding places. 

Those on the Sea Safari will enjoy a two hour adventure including seeing Cornwall’s most famous lifeboat station at Trevose Head. The RNLI base has a famously steep slipway that makes for a scarily impressive launch straight into the sea from a great height and as a member of the team there Ian is sure to have some stories and anecdotes to tell you.

It’s likely on this safari tour that you’ll head further out to sea away from the Cornish coast in your hunt to spot pods of common and bottle nose dolphins. Once again they can be very elusive but if they do appear chances are they will jump play and swim around and underneath the boat – much to the delight of all passengers onboard.

As well as the marine life in the water you will more than likely also see lots of birds including the likes of shags terns gannets and guillemots soaring in the skies and lurking on the cliffside throughout your Cornwall sea safari. We think these tours are a superb seaside boat outing that all the family will love – and don’t forget your camera.

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