Willow Weaving Courses

Willow weaving courses – learn the craft of basketry and willow weaving on these fabulous workshops. All classes are very much hands-on and you’ll all leave with woven goods that you’ve made during your class.

Taking place at Mantel Farm in East Sussex these weaving workshops are ideal for those with little or no weaving experience. We are offering three different length courses and all include the materials and tools you need to weave.

All workshops include a talk on the traditions and heritage of weaving the types of willow used how you can grow willow yourself the harvesting and how to prepare your willow for weaving. It’s worth mentioning that some strength and dexterity in the hands is required for these courses and you will be using sharp tools.

Your host for these weaving workshops is Julia Gurr. She has been weaving using mostly willow but also other materials for many years. A skilled and artistic weaver Julia makes contemporary and traditional pieces that are both beautiful objects and practical too taking inspiration from different cultures. From a picnic basket to a large woven planter Julie’s woven artefacts are truly lovely.

During these workshops you will be making your own woven items that you will be taking home with you. On the ‘Willow Plant Support’ half day course you’ll be fashioning an obelisk that stands proudly in your garden for your sweet peas or runner beans to climb as they grow. On the full-day ‘Introduction to Weaving’ course you’ll make a stylish boat-shaped basket and a hanging basket that makes a delightful bird feeder or garlic store in your kitchen.

On the two-day ‘Willow Basket’ Course you’ll create an intricate woven egg basket. You’ll use several basket making techniques to produce the woven base the sides the turned down border and the handle. The finished piece is superbly strong so it can be used not just for eggs but shopping collecting fruit and so on.

You’ll be shown and taught various weaving techniques such as randing waling pairing finishing borders and making handles some or all of which you’ll be able to put into practice during your workshop. We think these willow weaving courses will appeal to anyone who likes arts and crafts and wants to learn a new yet very traditional skill.

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