Woodland Ways Weekend

Light the campfire and toast the marshmallows for this fun and friendly Woodland Ways bushcraft and survival weekend trip. Get ready for a thrilling two-night adventure teaching key survival skills allowing you to learn how to make the most of your open-air under the stars environment in an engaging exciting hands-on manner.

The Woodland Ways experience focuses on basic bushcraft and survival techniques which can be adapted to a range of outdoor situations. Running from Friday night through to Sunday morning this weekend foray into the wilderness allows you to develop practical skills such as fire-lighting food preparation shelter building and natural navigation over your two nights in the woods.

While you won’t be expected to survive solely off the land you’ll certainly be learning about and lending a hand cooking healthy and sustaining meals using typical woodland fare such as pheasant rabbit and trout. Foraged fruits vegetables and mushrooms may also make appearances depending on the time of year. Plant and tree identification is also a key component of your woodland bushcraft course so there’s no risk of accidentally eating the wrong plant.

What’s more the survival session shows you ways to master useful everyday skills like knot work water filtration and purification (as well as the initial collection!) and understanding the best uses for different knives and tools a well as some more unusual skills such as traps and snare laying. The course is fairly flexible and adapts to suit seasons and conditions – meaning you could take home some extra skills such as star navigation if you have clear skies at night.  This leafy lesson really does cover all aspects of bushcraft and survival in woodland wilderness!

Perfect for Bear Grylls wannabes this sensational course offers you the chance to do something completely different with your weekend. No prior experience is needed so whether you’re a novice naturalist or an experienced camping enthusiast this activity offers something new. A Woodland Ways bushcraft and survival expedition that makes an interesting and unusual gift experience for men or women seeking a little excitement and a touch of the intriguing unknown as you go into the wild.

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