Zoo Keeper for a Day at Drayton Manor Park

Be a zoo keeper for a day at Drayton Manor Zoo! Home to over 750 animals this fascinating zoo keeper experience will see you rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in helping the zoo keepers for the day. From mucking out to feeding time you’ll see it all!

Drayton Manor Zoo is a lovely place to visit for all ages. From monkeys and tortoises to meerkats and emus over 130 different species are represented in this wonderful zoo spread across 15 acres of open-plan land. Being given the chance to shadow one of Drayton’s zoo keepers for the day means you get to go behind the scenes of a day in the life of a zookeeper.

Your shift starts in the best way possible with a cuppa and introductions to the zoo keeping team. You’ll even be kitted out in ‘ZK4D’ (that’s Zoo Keeper For a Day!) overalls ready to embark on your day of work. And we have to say zoo keeping is a dream job for many – including those who are actually doing the job!

Apparently being a zoo keeper is in the top five of jobs that we all dreamed about as kids so now it’s time to make that dream real. It’s not all glamorous as those animals do need mucking out but what could be more special than coming face to face with a baby South American Tapir? Or getting close to an incredibly rare South African Cotton-Top Tamarin?

As you shadow your keeper you visit nearly all the sections of the zoo meeting reptiles primates and more. Watch as the reindeer and ostrich run around the paddock feed the meerkats their tasty mealworm meal and laugh at the cheeky gibbons. 

The idea of these zoo keeper for a day experiences is that you feel like you’re part of the team. While you’re out amongst the animals it’ll be on a one-to-one basis with your keeper host so you’ll be able to ask all those questions about looking after and working with animals that you’ve always wanted to. And at the end of your day you’ll be presented with a certificate and a goody bag to remember your day at Drayton Manor Zoo.

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