Mitsubishi Thrill in Oxfordshire

Mitsubishi Thrill in Oxfordshire

The performance looks and distinctive sound of the Evo VII are a clear indication of Mitsubishi’s World Rally Driving Championship heritage.  This is the seventh incarnation of the legendary flagship Evo series boasting four wheel drive 320 bhp and 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds putting it firmly in supercar territory – and you get to drive one at our centre near Bicester in Oxon.

The great thing about this car is its ability to deliver unbelievable performance even in the hands of a relatively inexperienced driver.  The clever limited slip differential and four wheel drive system allow you to exploit the massive grip and truly spectacular acceleration leaving you feeling like a driving God!  Having driven this car back to back against the Subaru Impreza Porsche 911 and Ferrari 360 we can honestly say the Evo provided the quickest laps and the biggest smiles of the day.

Following a demo lap driven by the instructor you will drive four thrilling laps of this challenging 1 mile course in the Mitsubishi Evo. The circuit is designed to allow you to experience the acceleration cornering poise and outright speed of this rallying legend.  The bonus of this airfield site is that only the cones get damaged if you overcook it or miss an apex rather than the unforgiving barriers at a race circuit.  There are no artificial rev or speed limits.  The experienced friendly instructors will determine your individual driving ability and then help you drive up to your limit providing you with constant feedback and advice.

Your experience ends with the collection of a personalised certificate and driving assessment.

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