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Group Activities and Team Building | The Real Britain Company
Woodland Shooting Combo Leicestershire

Woodland Shooting Combo Leicestershire

Targets sniper action assault missions and arrows – this shooting challenge has all this and more! Groups will love this place. Hidden in the depths of the countryside well away from all civilisation you will be able to run around let off steam and shoot ’em up making as much noise as you like. It’s time to attack!

This is an action-packed day out that you will love. Starting at a very civilised 10am there’s no dawn raid here more like a bit of chat and a cuppa as you are introduced to your instructors and listen to that all important safety brief. But that’s when the small talk ends as things start to get competitive from the off with an archery session.

Head to the covered outdoor stands take your recurve bow nock your arrow take a breath pull back and release. Who will be the top shooter? Whoever wins will need to keep the good work up to maintain their top of the leader board position as you’ll be moving on to air rifle shooting next.

This challenge is a classic that’s in a full metal jacket style as you peek out of the metal bunker staring down the barrel of your bolt-action pre-charged air rifles ready to release the trigger and fire off one of your 30 pellets at the field targets. Once again you’ll be all individually scored to see who’s the hotshot of the gang.

Then it’s time for teamwork as you spend a full-on three hours exploring the woodland paintball. A plethora of challenges await including the mission to capture the battle bus storming the enemy on the landing craft assault defending your troop whilst positioned in the bunker of death and resisting capture at the bamboo fort.

As you wander through the forest make sure you expect the unexpected. You might come across a convoy of enemy vehicles refuelling and your captain immediately gives the order to immobilise it and prevent it from leaving. Around another corner you may well discover a radar vehicle sending secret communications. Once again this sort of threat to security needs eliminating.

We think this intense day that’s packed full with activities offers a superb and varied shooting challenge for all participants. All the ammo is included and if you’re a bit trigger happy on the paintball (500 balls are included) you can always buy more to be able to keep firing those shots at the enemy.

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Ultimate Challenges Dorset

Ultimate Challenges Dorset

Ladies and gentlemen the gauntlet has most definitely been laid down when you line up to take on this assault course in Dorset! Based at the county’s finest outdoor adventure park near Blandford Forum you and your team mates will need bucket load of bravado to ultimately succeed. Are you up for the challenge?

This very testing team building assault course is spread out over the finest Dorset farm land. You might not need to be beefed up SAS marine to take it on but it’s certainly no school sports day either. In fact there are over 40 different challenges for you and your gang to try so prepare to be jumping crawling climbing and running all over the place.

What makes this set up unique is the fact that it isn’t just physical. There are some very clever tasks that’ll test your sense of taste hearing sight and a whole lot more. We can’t reveal all the tricks this Dorset team has up its sleeve but one of them may well involve a teeny weeny little electric shock – now that’ll get you moving!

As you get revved up out on the fields you’ll be belly flopping over huge bales of hay gate vaulting over logs and fences scrambling through spider-web tunnels and trying to keep your balance. We have to say the atmosphere is really not too competitive as it’s more about helping each and every one of your group to conquer each trial as you go. A leg up here a helping hand there and a few shouts of encouragement go a long way during the course of this experience.

If hauling yourself up and over things getting tangled up in stuff and tackling dizzying heights isn’t enough you can always tack on another outdoor activity here in Dorset to make for the ultimate challenge day. You can combine a half hour session on the assault course with buggy driving clay pigeon shooting quad biking or clay pigeon shooting for an extra thrill.

To make the most of this assault course in Devon you will need to be a minimum of two people with a maximum of 10 so you can rotate around the challenges with ease. Don’t forget to bring the oldest clothes you can find as you will get wet muddy and dirty in the line of duty!

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Country Pursuits Bedfordshire

Country Pursuits Bedfordshire

Take you and your merry band off to the countryside and partake in a some rather fine sporting group activities at this Bedfordshire outdoor centre and shooting ground! One of the biggest and best-equipped in the UK the star activity here is the clays but there is a wealth of other crazy activities to try too…so let’s get stuck in.

What’s so great about this centre located north of Bedford is the fact that it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. That means the engine noise the sound of guns firing and your whoops of delight won’t be disturbing anyone so you can really go for it and make the most of your full day out at here trying the pick of activities.

The clay set up is really impressive. There’s a huge tower in the midst of all the various shooting stands and we can only imagine what it’s like when those clays are being fired off at height. Along with top notch facilities comes great coaching too so your group will learn a lot here in Berkshire as you try this first shooting activity.


There are also air rifles and pistols. Once again it’s all about the choice of gun for your physique and taking onboard your stance and breathing. A real test of nerves drop down targets might fall down when you get a direct hit but then they come right back up again to see if you can do it all over again with your next shot.


Time to lay down your guns for a bow. Normally modern recurve bows are used for archery but there’s a chance you might also be able to have a go with a crossbow too for that full Robin Hood experience. At this point we should say this Bedfordshire venue provides a tasty buffet lunch so the whole group can refuel for the afternoon’s activities in the great outdoors.

The next couple of hours will test those driving skills. Can you take on the axel-twisting actions on the rutted terrain in a big beefy 4×4 vehicle? Will you be the one heckling in that back-seat driving way when you’re a passenger? Or will you be gritting your teeth as you very slowly but surely churn your way through the mud?

Last but not least your day of fabulous activities ends with the ever-popular quad bikes. This Bedfordshire-based bunch has devised a testing track that’ll push you to the limit on your All Terrain Vehicle as you try and take on everything the land throws at you.

This group activities day in Bedfordshire may seem costly at first glance but when divided by six it’s only £166.50 per person for a full on day of outdoor pursuits and driving with all the gear superb tuition and even a nice lunch included too. We think this is excellent value for money and the easiest and quickest way ever to organise that group day out!

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Group Activities Manchester

Group Activities Manchester

Girls boys stags hens colleagues and mates – the gauntlet has most definitely been laid down when you take on these outdoor group activities near Manchester! Get your group together and get ready for some classic challenges down on the farm taking on two or three activities of your choice.

One of the most popular activity choices at this Manchester venue is Segways. They’re for solo riders only but there’s an element of team work needed as it’s a relay. Hop on lean and steer your way around the rally trail hop off and let your partner do the same. When it’s your turn again zip off to the obstacle track with bumpy bits lumpy bits a wobbly see-saw and even a tricky rope bridge that’s been built right in the middle of it all. Which team of two will win this one?

If you choose archery team spirit goes out of the window as it’s everyone shooting for themselves to battle it out to be crowned best archer. This is a classic sport and this lot near Manchester gives it a bit of spice with a load of games to play too. Will your arrows be swift and true or a little askew and off-course?

Same with air guns. If you go for this each of you will be wanting to be the hot-shot of the shooting range as you aim to pop the pellets in the targets. Then there’s axe throwing. It’s pretty mad to think you can lob axes into big lumps of wood (once you know how) and again that competitive spirit is sure to come out.

For a completely new twist (in the summer months only) how about picking Sky Bow? This is proper Katniss Everdeen stuff. Use conventional recurve bows and arrows to aim at rather unconventional foam discs that are fired off automatically. Get it right and your arrow implants itself with a satisfying ‘thud’ into the disc causing it to plummet to the ground.

Ideal for groups from all walks of life all the outdoor activities in Manchester are ideal for getting a bit of team bonding going having a laugh or getting ever-so-slightly-competitive. An ‘L’ plate or two whilst you’re Segwaying a silly hat for the groom to be or some heckling for the worst shooter in the whole company and we think you’ve got everything you need for a fab few hours down at this farm.

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Group Climbing Wall Warwickshire

Group Climbing Wall Warwickshire

Reach new heights as a team when you and your buddies take on the group climbing wall! This outdoor centre in the heart of Warwickshire is a wonderful place to run around blow the cobwebs away and try a new vertiginous sport.

The climbing wall your group will be tackling is 10 metres high. If you can’t picture that it’s just a little bit taller than the normal height of a two storey house. And we’re talking to the point of the roof not the eaves. Imagine clambering up that high and then another metre or two and you get the idea.

So yes you will need a head for heights but no-one in your group is obliged to scale the wall to the very top – you can climb to where you feel comfortable so there’s no need to go out of your comfort zone. But with all your mates standing at the foot of the wall to encourage you you might just surprise yourself with a burst of self-determination and go higher than you expected!

If you’ve never come face to face with a wall like this before let us explain what it’s all about. Wood panels on a very secure metal frame make up the basis of this sheer wall. Tough resin ‘holds’ that represent the natural forms of the rocks are bolted to the wood by expert climbers who create routes of varying difficulty using different colours of holds – in this case the red holds are the hardest as they’re the smallest and most difficult to get a grip on.

As you look up at the wall you’ll see there are three ropes hanging down from the summit. In climbing circles this is known as ‘top-roped’ which means the lines are already set up and ‘all’ you have to do is climb them.

Security safety and basic techniques will all be explained to you and your group at the foot of the wall before you climb. If you’ve never climbed before you’ll start by using any foot and hand holds and as the session progresses you might get to the point of using just two colours. And if you’re wondering how you get back down again you use the ropes to abseil yourself to the ground!

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a proper mountain goat who scrambles up anything with ease there will be a route for all members of your group on this climbing wall. Instructors are always on hand for the duration of your session to secure your climb offer advice and encouragement too. 

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