Junior and Adult Hovercraft Racing

Junior and Adult Hovercraft Racing

On this fabulous hovercraft experience both the kids and grown ups can get involved! Normally these hovercraft racing sessions are just for kids but the big kids are always keen to have a go too. 

Seeing as the setting for these sessions is a big soggy marshland at Frodsham in Cheshire youngsters and grown ups will need to make sure they are wearing the right clothing for hovercrafting. It has to be clothes you don’t mind getting wet or splattered with mud (all part of the thrill of being a budding hovercraft pilot!) as well as an old pair of trainers. Then with the team here in Cheshire providing the proper racing style helmet both mini and maxi hover heros are ready to go!

These cool hovercrafts are actually pretty easy to pilot so even the littlest of kids can do it. With one main control rod and no brakes (!) it’s all about learning to lean into the corners and controlling your speed according to the terrain.

The expert instructors will show the children (and adults) how everything works in the paddock area. Then it’s fan on skirt inflated with air and time to head off over the grassland. In case you were wondering instructors ride with the kids for safety and weight reasons. We think youngsters will be amazed at just how agile noisy and full-on these mad machines can be – they’re a proper handful just like any awkward teenager can be! Needless to say the grown ups think it’s great fun too.

And don’t forget this isn’t simply a ride. Our  hovercraft experience will see your little devils piloting a hovercraft around this purpose-built course in Cheshire. Some might even suss out how to do a 360 spin go backwards and even sideways in these cadet hovers which is sure to show the hovercrafting Mums and Dads up. It’ll definitely be something to tell their school mates about on Monday morning that’s for sure!

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