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Multi Activity Days Out for Adults | The Real Britain Company
4×4 and Rally Challenge Silverstone

4×4 and Rally Challenge Silverstone

It’s rallying and offroading combined on this driving challenge in Silverstone! Taking place at this renowned rally school you have the best of both worlds here with a session on the 4×4 circuit and sessions on the rally stage too. A brilliant combination for motorsport fans!

First up the off roading. This is one of the best circuits we’ve seen in a while. This Silverstone course has been well laid out to offer all levels of driver a real challenge. There are some fab features too like the see-saw and tricky troughs to negotiate.

You’ll be tackling all this bumpy stuff in a Suzuki Vitara. Modified to cope with the extremeness of the course you’ll be amazed at what you can get this modest 4×4 to do. And don’t forget to look at the tilt measurement on the dashboard – it’s pretty full-on when you see the angles you’re driving at.

Next it’s over to the rally school paddock. Here you’ll find a fine fleet of proper rally cars. There’s the front wheel drive Ford Escort MkII (a classic!) the modified rear wheel drive Imprezas (madness!) and the all wheel drive Scoobie too (awesome!). These cars are all rallying stalwarts and you’ll love them all.

On your adrenaline rally session it’s all about learning the classic rally moves. Over a trio of drives you’ll master handbrake turns on the hairpins (with a blast on the fast straights too) and slides on the 200m sweeping bend. You also get the chance to try out your doughnut skills on the pan – or even your figure of eights if you’re up for it!

The off road sessions are all on a one-to-one basis and for the rallying you’ll be in small groups taking it in turns behind the wheel for each session. Expert instructors will be by your side for all drives to encourage and guide you.

We think this driving challenge in Silverstone is pretty ace. You get to drive proper rally and off roading cars on serious circuits that push you (and the cars!) to the limit. Book your combined session today and have maximum fun in the rally and 4×4 cars with the grit and dirt flying!

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Multi Activity Day Powys & Shropshire Border

Multi Activity Day Powys & Shropshire Border

Get a gang together and go on a multi activity day out in Welshpool! Easily accessible from Powys Shropshire and beyond this is a day out on the edge of mid-Wales that’s going to get the adrenaline pumping for sure with a full schedule of fun outdoor activities. There’s just one question: will you be a quad squad or a rage crew?

Yes for these activity centre days we are offering two packages. Both include paintballing archery and laser clay pigeon shooting with you choosing between Rage buggy driving or a quad bike trek as your main motorised morsel of madness. As for which one you pick; well we can only say both are brilliant fun in their own way. Quad biking is pretty full-on with a huge expanse of area to cover (so no going over the same bit twice) and the Rage buggies are about as extreme as off road karting gets.

The other activities offered during your day out in the rolling Welshpool countryside are thoroughly enjoyable too. Petrol power gives way to leg power when you take on the paintball challenge. You’ll need to be quick on your feet to avoid a sniper shot from the enemy especially when you’re all camouflaged up. Watch that old oil drum there could be someone lurking!

After all that action it’s time to chill a bit and relax admiring the Shropshire countryside as your hosts cook up a veritable feast on the barbecue. This is an all you can eat affair filled with tasty burgers and hot dogs (vegetarians catered for) to get you revitalised ready for the afternoon part of your activity day.

Time to head over to the archery pit where you’ll have to show a steady hand to be able to get your arrows flying straight and true. And there’s nothing more satisfying than the ‘thud’ of your arrow embedding itself in the straw. Similarly watching the points clock up on your laser clay shoot is totally motivating. Will you be a frustrated flop or will you be a laser legend when it comes getting hits on those clays flying through the air?

So there you have it. This is a description of a typical multi activity day out at this Welshpool centre. Of course the actual order of activities is to be decided but you’re sure to have a fabulous time trying them all out. We think it’s a great choice of outdoor venue for hens stags reunions families and works dos.

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Ultimate Driving Experience Scotland

Ultimate Driving Experience Scotland

Single seaters karts hot hatches and rallying – this is the ultimate in driving at Knockhill! Ultimate is a word that is often banded around but this high-octane day really is the best of the best the pick of the crop the creme de la creme of driving sessions. Let us tell you why…

For one thing this unrivalled day at Knockhill boasts a packed programme of driving events across a full day. It quite literally blasts off with a coaching session in a Honda Civic Type R. Technically this uber hot hatch is for teaching purposes but it’s worthy of an experience slot in itself. Amaze yourself at the power as you storm out of the pit lane in a first bid to conquer the track.

Having sussed out the lay of the land of Knockhill’s circuit which as it happens is Scotland’s only MSA and FIA International graded track you will be shown the ropes with a demo ride with your instructor at the wheel

Things then move up a gear as you drive the ultimate in low-to-the-ground cars; the F1-style single seater race car. Sitting just centimetres above the tarmac these Yamaha R1 1000cc-engined cars go like a rocket – and you’ll have a whole 10 driving laps to find out for yourself.

We could say it’s then back to basics as you go karting but these are the latest Sodi GT2 Pro karts on a purpose-built 500m outdoor track. And being so light these little machines are more than a bit swift out of the starting blocks – and ultimately this is where many multimillionaire racing drivers started their motoring careers so go for it as this session is run as a proper race event.

After a break for lunch at the on-site Kinnairds restaurant it’s an afternoon on the special stage as you go rallying. There are three wheel-spinning sessions for you where you’ll learn how to fling a front wheel drive car around a tight-turning rally stage.

The last part of this day of ultimate driving in Knockhill is the best possible finale – a passenger ride that’ll show you what it’s like to be a co-pilot on a proper rally stage. Hold on tight and prepare yourself to reach optimum speed! A great end to the best day of driving going!

Find out more and book your place today!

Mud and Monster Truck Experience

Mud and Monster Truck Experience

If you go down to the woods today you may just come across an off road adventure! Get yourself to this private off road land in West Sussex and you can enjoy the torque and upgraded suspension on some very fine vehicles. 

This challenge will see you and your fellow green-laning comrades tackle three different trails in three different offroaders including a Euro-spec truck called Black Ice a crazy little jeep and a trusty Landy with a difference. Are you ready to be a driving adventurer?

Exploring the terrain is the name of the game here. The European-spec beefcake is actually based on a standard pick up; the Toyota HiLux. However apart from the body shell it’s pretty much unrecognisable as far as the road-going standard versions go. This massive beast of a motor has 44″ Ground Hawg tyres with the deepest tread grooves this side of a JCB a bespoke high-arc suspension system and that all important extra 18″ of lift. In essence it’s mad.

If you don’t get altitude sickness from being in the driving hot seat all that way up off the ground you’ll be charged with whizzing around the ‘Valley Drive’ section of this adventure course. Off the beaten track it certainly is and you’ll need to keep your calm as you power along in this crazy thing being bounced all over the shop.

Then it’s back down nearer to ground level for a spin in a nifty little jeep on the ‘Meadow Meander’. The Rocsta soft top loves nothing better than to leap around some tricky side-slopes as you are kept busy on those high-low gear ratios.

Last but not least on this challenge day is the Land Rover Defender 90. Again this isn’t your standard model this one has been pimped with a suspension lift and kitted out with Rancho off road shocks and a full roll cage too. Take the Landy on the Jungle Run and you’ll see why a Defender is loyal reliable and full of fun too.

From driving the modified Toyota Hi-lux perched way up high above the ground to testing the mettle of the jeep and the Landy these off road adventure days are the perfect antidote to spending far too much time stuck in traffic jams. It’s time to rumble in the jungle!

Find out more and book your place today!

Supercar and Segway Experience

Supercar and Segway Experience

It’s an unusual mix of super fast and seriously swervy on this supercar and Segway combination experience! We think marrying together a fancy high performance motor with a zippy high tech gadget is inspired. So let’s see if you can (literally) step up to the plate of the Segway and pull off a smooth cruise in the supercar.

Your first challenge before you’ve got anywhere near a motor is to choose where you want to go for your Segway and supercar session. It’s currently on offer at three different track venues around the UK including Prestwold Driving Centre Elvington circuit and the Shakespeare County Raceway.

Then you have the quandary of which one of the jaw-droppingly beautiful vehicles to drive as the first part of this supercar and Segway combo gets underway. This operator has one of the largest pools of cars available including everything from Brit stars the Astons and Atoms to Japanese motoring ninjas in the form of Nissans.

After a quick double lap demo drive with you as a passenger it’s your moment to shine on the track as you take the car you’ve picked out for superb six mile session. Will that vehicle you’ve always lusted after live up to your dreams? Will you sweep though the apex with aplomb? Will you get the tyres screeching? Will you even have enough energy left to go Segwaying after your supercar session?!

Going on a Segway after you’ve been posing in a powerful supercar might seem a little pedestrian but these personal transporters are really pretty clever. They use gyroscopes and other gadgets to make sure you can balance with ease and they are really not as wobbly as they first seem. Before you know it you’ll be going at a cracking pace along the special Segway rally course where no supercar could ever go!

Don’t forget these supercar and Segway sessions are available at three different track venues and it’s you who chooses which car you’d like to drive and where. You’ve even got a choice of when you want to go with weekend and budget-friendly weekday vouchers available. An unconventional combination of a two wheeler transporter that can hit 20kph with cars that can easily bust through 200kph but both seriously good fun.

Find out more and book your place today!