Scuba Diving for Two

Scuba Diving for Two

Our discover scuba diving UK introductory lessons for adults and children give an ideal insight to the fascinating underwater world of the deep sea. If you feel comfortable in water and enjoy swimming you can learn to scuba dive! Beginner divers will be able to ‘have a go’ with in a safe controlled environment at one of many centres throughout England.

Learn to scuba dive with experienced diving instructors all having the full PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) qualifications to ensure you are well looked after both in and out of the water – and when it comes to scuba diving UK centres are renowned as some of the best for beginners. All dive gear such as masks and regulators are provided. During your learn to scuba dive course you’ll master some of the basic diving concepts and scuba skills such as hand signals and use of equipment.  If you’ve only ever done snorkelling with flippers before you’ll soon appreciate that when you learn to scuba dive at a proper diving school you open up a whole new world of underwater breathing!

Once you get the hang of it you will enjoy the exhilaration of the feeling of weightlessness (diver types talk of buoyancy!) whilst breathing under water using the mouthpiece that connects to dive tanks. These discover scuba diving lessons give you plenty of time to put into practice your new found skills in the pool.

For those who take to this sport like a duck to water (excuse the pun!) our taster scuba diving lessons can count towards further scuba diving UK courses if you fancy taking it up as a hobby. For adults once you have your PADI diver qualification you’ll be itching to do open water diving wreck diving and even reef diving in the deep blue seas of the world – a little different from scuba diving UK style!

The workshops for young divers are called ‘Bubblemaker’ scuba diving UK experiences and are offered for youngsters aged eight to 10 years old. The idea is to give children a taste in a fun and safe way with them being taught the basics of diving hand signals and breathing whilst being submerged under the water. All our children’s scuba diving UK activities take place at PADI affiliated diving centres and all diving instructors are fully PADI qualified for teaching youngsters.

Submerge yourself in these fantastic Scuba Diving UK lessons and find out what it’s like to swim with the fishes! Whether it’s just for fun or if being able to learn to scuba dive leads you to new horizons we think  you’ll love this divers experience. Are you ready to take the plunge with these scuba diving lessons?

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