Tesla Model S P90D Thrill

Tesla Model S P90D Thrill

When you go Tesla driving in Hertfordshire you won’t be driving just any old Tesla Model S – you’ll be piloting the ludicrous P90D version! Yep this Tesla model S has all the thrills being all wheel drive with an impressive launch control – perfect hooning it round the Bovingdon airfield track.

And yes Ludicrous mode on this car is real. It’s an actual thing. Those automotive engineers at Tesla are certainly showing us that eco-friendly does not mean boring with this souped up S model. It boasts what they call a ‘smart fuse’ which has its own engine control unit and lithium ion battery pack to boost output from 1300 to 1500 amps. That might not sound like a lot but it all translates to 762bhp. Now that we do understand!

Select launch control on this Tesla S and it’s thrills galore from the word go. No lurch no wheel spin you just go directly into (silent) warp speed. Being a ‘D’ version (where the ‘D’ stands for dual motors) there’s drive going to the front and the rear wheels making this Tesla S an all wheel drive monster that sticks to the road like glue.

What’s more the team here at Bovingdon couldn’t resist adding a few racing touches to this particular Tesla; so those 21” wheels are running racing car slicks the suspension has been lowered and uprated for that total race thrill feel.

All this means that when pitched against the usual supercar ilk this electrifyingly fast Model S can hold its own against the likes of the sportier Audis and Beemers out there. Whatever you think of Elon Musk there’s no denying his car is unique in market place filled with blandness. Call is revolutionary quirky game changing or whatever this is a car where all that impressive technology is fully integrated and totally useable – and great fun too!

On your Tesla Model S Thrill you’ll be driving the Tesla at Bovingdon in Hertfordshire for 10 laps. During that time you’ll see for yourself how the car stands it ground alongside other supercars. There might be no engine noise but you can still make a right song and dance about just how good this car really is!

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