Month: December 2020

10 Very Best Things To Do In Bristol

The south of England has so many gems to explore! From Roman cities like Bath, the rolling hills of the Cotswolds and, of course, the pretty vibrant and lovely city [...]
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A Visitor’s Guide to Prague Museums

In many ways, all of Prague is like a living, breathing, outdoor museum. Around every corner, there’s some interesting historical tidbit or element of art or architecture. In a city [...]
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Christmas in Rome: The Traditions

This is not going to be the usual Christmas in Rome. Covid-19 suspended pretty much every activity. The latest news though can let us start to be optimistic about an [...]
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28 Very Best Things To Do In London

Now, I know I’m biased but London really is an epic city! Literally, you can spend years here and still not have seen or done anything. Not only that, all [...]
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