1968 Classic Mini Cooper Drive

The Mini Cooper classic is a British popular culture icon straight out the 1960s. These fun experiences give you three or six miles driving a 1968 Cooper S at your choice of track nationwide. So is the old Mini Cooper better than the new BMW one?

You’ve got to hand it to Alec Issigonis – he designed one hell of a brilliant little car. When the first Minis rolled off the British Motoring Corporation production line in 1959 it changed motoring as we know it. The Mini was simple practical and affordable. A certain John Cooper spotted the racing potential in these little city cars and before you know it the souped up Cooper version was ready to race.

And whilst the Mini Cooper was indeed a good racer the car is perhaps best known for its role in the 1969 heist film ‘The Italian Job’. Red white and blue Mini Coopers race through the streets of Turin in what is surely one of the best chase scenes ever in a movie. Nipping along the arcades bumping down paved steps turning into tight alleyways with ease and whizzing around the rooftop test track at the Lingotto car factory the Minis were the stars of the show.

These experiences play homage to these classic Mini Coopers with a very special 1968 Cooper S for you to drive. And have you seen the number plate? HMP729G is a nod to Charlie Croker (the gang leader in the film played by Michael Caine) who whilst residing in Her Majesty’s Prison was assigned prisoner number 729G.

Now we have to say compared to today’s BMW Minis the old Mini Cooper looks absolutely tiny. You’ll feel like a giant standing next to it. But this Mini Cooper classic more than holds it own out on the track so get ready to drive your little pocket rocket. And we’re sure the organisers won’t mind us saying ‘drive it like you stole it’ – that way you’ll do Charlie Croker proud!

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