1968 Mustang Fastback

This the day the Mustang Fastback meets the Jag E-type! For this duo of thrilling experiences you can choose to keep it all-American with a Mustang  fastback drive or go transatlantic with a drive in both the Stang and the Jag.

These cars look so different yet the stats are actually pretty similar. The Mustang can post a 0-60mph time of around 7.0 seconds whilst the Jag crosses the 60 barrier at 6.0 seconds. Underneath the bonnet it’s quite a different ball game with the Mustang carrying a hefty V8 engine and the Jag a modest 3.8l four speed motor.

But you just have to take a look at the Mustang to see why it needs such a serious power plant. This is one bulky pony car with those distinctive angular lines and fins going on that make it the epitome of American motor vehicles of the 60s 70s and even beyond.

The Jaguar on the other hand is light nimble full of finesse and curvaceous with it. Although production on this car stopped in 1975 this car is still much revered by motoring critics and enthusiasts alike and still wins awards even today especially the older series 1 versions like the one you’re more than likely see at the track today going head to head with the fastback.

This meeting of the motoring greats takes place at Heyford Park one of the country’s premium airfield circuits where this operator has been running track days since 2001. You’ll find it’s a bustling place with lots of cars in addition to the Mustang and E-type making appearances on the day so it’s an ideal venue for serious car fans and of course friends and family adults and children are very welcome to come and watch.

And we have to say the solo Mustang Fastback drive is cool but the whole experience comes into its own when you opt for the Atlantic Challenge and get to drive both this big brute of an American musclecar and the slick Jaguar for three or six laps each around this high speed challenging airfield circuit in Oxfordshire.

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