1970 Dodge Charger Drive

It’s like you’re driving Dom’s signature car on this Dodge Charger driving experience! The street racing leader’s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T was a car very much close to his heart. These brilliant experiences will see you driving a 1970 Charger that’s been done up to look just like Dominic Toretto’s pride and joy.

We learnt in the first Fast and The Furious film that Dom and his Dad built this impressive customised Charger complete with supercharger attached to the bonnet. Claiming a mighty 900bhp this beast from 1970 would do a quarter-mile straight line in just nine seconds. And that record was set by Dom’s Dad.

Since his Father’s death Dom keeps their precious Charger in the garage too scared to drive it. But as you might have guessed by the end of that first film Dom is seen roaring along the Los Angeles streets in his fabled supercharged Dodge. Despite being crashed multiple times the Charger rises from the ashes and features in several of the Fast and Furious films along with other second generation Chargers.

With all the car chases and stunts these cars endured the production team got through so many Dodge Chargers that they ended up styling up earlier models and totally rebuilding wrecks to be able to supply the many show-stopper scenes starring the Charger.

We’re thanking our lucky American stars then that this particular 1970 Dodge Charger has been beautifully restored as a faithful replica of that modified model in the Toretto family garage. It’s a true beast and best driven on the track which is exactly what you’ll be doing on the sessions. Your Dodge Charger driving experience is offered at several circuits around the UK and you choose between a three-mile blast or a six-mile thrill.

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