4×4 Driving with Overnight Break for Two

Enjoy off-roading dining and pure luxury on this 4×4 activity break for two! It’s destination Yorkshire for a night away with a difference as you check-in to the delightful Coniston Hotel and get to drive around the estate in a rather nifty 4×4 vehicle.

Before we get round to the exhilarating 4×4 bit of this activity break let’s tell you about where you’ll be staying as the location is key to this fab overnighter. Coniston estate is a sprawling farm complete with lake hills grazing land and rather conveniently a luxury hotel in the middle of it all. And as you’d guess being in Yorkshire you’re surrounded by rolling hills and dales. Ideal territory for an off roader.

And indeed the 4×4 part of this activity break couldn’t be any closer to where you’re staying. It’s just a short walk to the rear of the hotel to where the likes of the Land Rover Defender the Range Rover and the Kubota RTs are lined up eagerly waiting to go trekking in them there hills.These Land Rover experiences certainly make the most of the terrain on offer – but will you be up to the challenge?

Of course you won’t be on your own out there in the wilds of Coniston Cold. Sitting upfront beside you will be one of the Land Rover experience drivers who run these 4×4 activity sessions. During your 30 minutes behind the wheel you might venture into the Adventure Zone lap up the lagoon or go meandering off on the moorland safari. There’s even a mad bit where you’re effectively driving up stone steps – not for the novices that’s for sure!

But don’t worry if you’ve never driven a 4×4 car before let alone a hulking great Landy on ridiculously bumpy land that’s as far removed as the smooth tarmac of your High Street as you can get. The idea of these sessions as part of your package is to learn as you drive with the help and the knowledge of your handy onboard instructor.

After you’ve impressed your partner with your clutch control it’s time to head back to the hotel. This might be a 4×4 activity break but the leisure time fun doesn’t stop there. Wind down a gear or two in the superb spa on the hill sit on the terrace overlooking the lake or just celebrate your off road prowess in the bar to start your evening meal before turning in for the night.

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