737 Simulator Harrogate

Are you ready to do your pre-flight checks in this professional-standard flight simulator in Harrogate? This 737 simulator in North Yorkshire is the real deal (or as near as it can be for a simulator!) with full hydraulic motion so that means you’ll definitely feel that bump as you take off and land!

From the moment you step into this flight sim centre in Harrogate you’re immersed in the aviation world. The 30 minute pre-flight briefing takes place in a room kitted out like the inside of a Boeing 737 airline complete with passenger doors and windows. The actual cockpit of this airline flight simulator is identical to an actual 737 right down to the headsets oxygen masks checklists and lifejackets – not that there’ll be much need for those in Harrogate.

Offering hydraulic motion is the key to the ultimate realism of this sim. Feel the rush of acceleration as you apply the throttle experience in-flight turbulence and feel the disruption a tricky cross-wind on your final approach can cause. But by far the most popular scenario for visitors to this Harrogate simulator is the low-visibility landing. Imagine having to bring your 737 full of passengers safely down when you hit a tropical storm or become engulfed in fog? It’ll take nerves of steel handling such tense situations in the sim so imagine what it’s like in real life.

And if low visibility doesn’t light your aviator fire then how about a rejected take off where you have to slam the brakes on before getting airborne? Or maybe you want to see just how an airliner can keep flying despite engine failure at 35 000ft? Then there’s that flying challenge of doing a ‘go around’ to have another ‘go’ at lining the jumbo up and getting her landed.

As well as the sheer delight of being at the helm of this impressive pro simulator don’t be surprised if you find yourself next to a very very experienced co-pilot. That’s because the instructors on this flight simulator in Harrogate include commercial 737 and 747 ex-Red Arrows display and commercial airline trainer examiner pilots. That’s really quite a roster and each and every one of them has enough anecdotes and stories to write a novel about their time in the skies. Enjoy your virtual flight!

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