The Ultimate Spitfire Simulator

The Ultimate Spitfire Simulator

Fly the MkIX Spitfire simulator! It’s a pretty amazing set up that’ll have you totally immersed for every single minute that you’re in the cockpit.

This unique Spitfire simulator is based at a world-leading facility in Goodwood where the simulator is used as part of the flight training programme for new Spitfire pilots. It’s a real scoop to be able to offer slots in this professional-standard Spitfire sim – and we are as excited about it as you are!

The starting point for this simulator build was the original parts from a genuine World War 2 Spitfire along with new parts destined for but eventually not used on modern Spitfire restoration projects. Bespoke parts were also fitted to transform this analogue plane into a digital flying machine.

As you sit in the cockpit it all looks so real because it is real. For example the gauges are original with working needles and dials all controlled by the modern electronics fitted behind. The Spitfire feels so real as well. That’s because the set-up is exactly the same as a MkIX Spitfire right down to the clever motion and force feedback. You’ll feel every bump on the grass runway the turbulence and more.

It looks real too thanks to the dome’s visuals which create an all-enveloping flying scene with the seamless projection of the nose and the wings. It even sounds right with that unmistakable Merlin engine growl coming through your headset.

Even the livery is spot on. The fuselage of this incredible Spitfire simulator pays homage to six-time flying Ace Air Vice Marshal James Edgar Johnson known as Johnnie with his serial number JE-J adorning the side of the sim.

As Johnnie would no doubt have told you himself Spitfires are notoriously tricky to handle on the ground but an absolute dream to fly in the air. These sim sessions will give you an amazing insight into the skill and workload involved in piloting such an incredible war bird. With so much power in that supercharged engine and the weight of the aircraft just keeping her flying straight and level is a challenge.

During your session you’ll be learning the basics of flying and maybe even taking your first foray into aerobatics. Will you be returning to base to perform a Victory Roll? Book your slot in this unique Spitfire simulator and find out if you’ve got what it takes to be modern-day pilot ace of this iconic fighter aircraft.

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Boeing 737 Simulator Barnsley

Boeing 737 Simulator Barnsley

On a quiet residential street you’ll find this epic 737 flight simulator! Barnsley now has its very own simulated flight facility thanks to one very skilled and passionate aviation fan called David.

This Boeing 737-800NG simulator is the fruit of many many hours of labour for David Naylor. Having been made redundant he decided to turn his childhood dream into reality by building his own simulator. Constructed using a genuine Boeing 737 cockpit the result is pretty amazing.

The simulator might not actually move but with control loading and flight feel you’ll totally feel that moment of reverse thrust and every bump on the tarmac. Even handling a steep turn in the air will instinctively have you leaning to one side!

It’s realistic because so much of this sim is real. The throttle quadrant the speedbrake the reverse thrust levers and the flaps area all original and working. The Primary and Navigational Flight Displays all work too as does the MCP (the autopilot). And before your simulated take off you’ll enter your flight path details into the Flight Management Computer just as an actual Boeing 737 Captain would.

David has painstakingly downloaded an impressive 20 000 flight routes and airports so you really can fly anywhere in the world. What’s more the visuals are of an exceptional standard. We’re talking 220-degree enhanced 4k graphics surround sound and a level of detail that is mind-boggling. Imagine flying over London and seeing Big Ben below you or approaching into Heathrow with the stream of cars and trucks on the M25 clearly visible. It’s impressive stuff.

As for you the budding pilot the general consensus after spending a bit of time in this sim is that it’s (and we quote) ‘a lot harder than it looks’. Despite having autopilot it takes skill and concentration to get these big old tin cans in the sky landed safely. Add in the odd thunder storm fog bird strike or engine stall and you’ve upped the stakes even more but for a Boeing driver it’s just another day in their office at 30 000ft.

With one to one tuition from Dave you’re sure to make the most of your time in that coveted Captain’s seat. Book your slot in this 737 Boeing flight simulator near Barnsley and see if you’ve got what it takes to pilot that big commercial jet.

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Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator

Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator

Step into aviation history when you join the Lancaster bomber flight simulator crew! We are offering a duo of experiences in this unique simulator setup giving you the chance to find out what flying these WW2 heavy bombers was like.

This Lancaster simulator is based at a flying club at Brighton City (Shoreham) Airport. The replica cockpit has been built to give you the feel of what it was like being one of the seven-strong crew in a Lancaster bomber. One of the most dangerous roles in the war the average life expectancy was just two weeks.

Conditions inside the Lancaster were pretty harsh. Despite the large bulbous canopy it did feel claustrophobic inside and it was difficult to move around the aircraft with the wing spars. Flying at 20 000ft with no pressurisation it was cold so gunners wore insulated suits and oxygen masks.

Right up front in the very nose of the aircraft was the bomb aimer/nose gunner. Then it was the pilot with the flight engineer and the navigator just behind along with the wireless operator. Behind them you’d find the mid upper gunner with the rear gunner positioned right at the end of the fuselage of this distinctive twin-tailed bomber. You will be playing the role of Lancaster pilot during your flight simulator session.

Getting this huge hulk of an aircraft into the air when fully laden with fuel and bombs was no mean feat. Today that task is all yours. Once airborne it’ll take all your concentration to keep this four-engined bomber flying straight and level. Make sure you have your original Lancaster headset on so you can listen for tips and help from your instructor pilot especially when you attempt to fly under the Severn Bridge! After that manoeuvre you’ll need to concentrate on landing the Lanc.

If you’ve opted for the ultimate Lancaster experience you get another 30-minute session in the simulator after a short break. Just like thousands of Lancasters did on daring day and night time bombing raids during the Second World War you’ll be flying in low over the very same German dams and reservoirs as the famous Dambusters.

With just two airworthy Lancasters left in the world (the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lanc and the Canadian Vera) these Lancaster bomber flight simulator sessions bring a little piece of WW2 history coming back to life.

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Diamond Flight Simulator Lee-on-the-Solent

Diamond Flight Simulator Lee-on-the-Solent

Fly on your flight simulator out of Hampshire straight to LA! On these thrilling simulator flights you will be handling a (virtual) light aircraft over Los Angeles. Will you manage to make a nice final approach to land smoothly in La La Land?

These simulators are based at a flight training school at Solent Airport in Lee-on-Solent. This is where future aviators come to get their wings in the school’s training aircraft. But as well as flying the real stuff they offer time in the simulators so you can practice all sorts of scenarios.

The school teaches actual flying in Diamond DA40 and DA42 light aircraft and they have the exact same set ups in the simulator rooms. Built using authentic Diamond aircraft parts with real avionics and high-end visuals you will totally believe you are sitting in the Diamond plane on the runway.

You’re in the captain’s seat for the duration and beside you is your trainer a specialist sim instructor. They’ll show you all the basics of controlling the plane and then you’re off for your simulator experience.

As you forget Hampshire and head to sunny LA you’ll be practicing approaches and landings in and around the local LAX airport area. It’s a busy international airport and it’s not easy. You can even add in some weather factors including everything from cumulus cloud and rain to snow and lightning.

Talking of snow if you go for the extended 45-minute simulator session in Hampshire you get to fly around LA and a rather special place in Austria as well. Innsbruck Airport in the Austrian Tyrol is quite frankly infamous. It is notoriously difficult due to the high altitude of the airport with fog and poor visibility often a problem – especially with mountain peaks all around. You’ll be gritting your teeth for this landing!

This flight simulator at Hampshire’s Solent Airport is available all year round (weather won’t stop play!) and budding pilots as young as 12 years old can take part. Buy your vouchers online and see if you can keep your captain’s cool in the Diamond sim!

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Helicopter Simulator Experience Cheshire

Helicopter Simulator Experience Cheshire

You’re cleared for take off in this helicopter simulator in Cheshire! Built at this aviation training centre in Ellesmere port using a real helicopter fuselage this simulator is pretty much as realistic as it gets.

An eight-seater Agusta 109 shell is the basis for this ultra realistic sim. Stripped out and refitted with high-spec simulator software to replicate a Bell 407 helicopter you’ve got a serious machine to play with here. The simulator also boasts surround sound and 220-degree high definition graphics for that totally immersive experience.

The twin-engined Agusta (thanks to its impressive range and power) is used around the world for off-shore work as well as search and rescue whilst the Bell is a popular heli used for charters and the like. You can recreate all these types of roles when you’re in this Cheshire simulator. After all you’re the captain so you decide where you’re going!

You’ll be able to choose to depart from any UK airport. You can also tweak those weather conditions to add in a guaranteed blue sky or maybe some rain cover at 5 000ft. Then you can choose your mission. Maybe you want to fly from one airport to another on a VIP transfer? Or how about attempting a landing on an aircraft carrier in choppy seas? Or perhaps a personnel drop-off on an offshore oil rig in the North Sea? It’s tricky stuff flying a chopper in those conditions that’s for sure.

Sitting by your side in the right-hand seat will be your first officer. In real life they are all private pilots and with a passion for all things aviation that’s what spurred them on to create this flight simulator centre at Ellesmere port including not only this Agusta sim but aeroplane sims too.

What we love about this venue is how realistic it all is. As soon as you literally climb into the main body of the helicopter you are that helicopter pilot. What’s more the Agusta is big meaning you can invite up to four friends and family to join you in the back of your chopper for your experience.

This helicopter simulator in Cheshire is located near Ellesmere just off the M53. It’s easy to get to the staff are really friendly and the simulator itself is so realistic. Immerse yourself in the world of virtual rotary flight – with all your family watching!

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