AC Cobra Driving Experience

This is the AC Cobra driving experience – probably one of the best-sounding cars ever produced! Only 998 of the original Cobras were built but faithful replicas like this one keep the fans’ dreams of driving an AC Cobra very much alive and kicking. Prepare to be wowed by this beautifully replicated AC Cobra.

Originally the Cobra was an Anglo-American project of the 1960s. Known as the AC Cobra in the UK and the Shelby Cobra across the pond the car started life as a fairly modest 2.6l before a certain Carroll Shelby rocked up and asked AC personally to build a Cobra with a V8 engine. Ford jumped at the chance as the marque wanted a race car to compete with the Corvette.

Nowadays there are lot of what those in the automotive trade call ‘continuation cars’ which are basically newly built versions of cars that have gone out of production. The AC Cobra you’ll be driving on this experience is indeed a replica and having been built with glass fibre panels means the car is super light – giving you massive amounts of power.

It’s also faithful to the original build with that distinctive curvy Cobra body styling and perhaps most importantly a proper American V8 engine underneath that long bonnet. Aficionados will also tell you that a traditional manual gearbox is a must for any serious Cobra replica and that’s exactly what you get with this AC Cobra experience.

As if you didn’t need any more convincing that this car is a timeless classic that lives on just think about how many cult film and TV shows the Cobra has appeared in. From US TV hit series ‘Suits’ to the ‘2Fast2Real’ movie via the cult classic Welsh film ‘Twin Town’ where the two brothers steal an AC Cobra replica – and drive it straight across a football pitch.

We are offering you the choice between a three and six-mile AC Cobra driving experience at various tracks around the UK. The likelihood is that you’ll hear this AC Cobra replica car before you can even see it on these track days so be prepared. This is most definitely a statement car that you’ll be driving albeit a slightly underground one with a very loyal following.

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