Aerobatic Flight Essex

Fancy flying some daredevil aerobatics in Upminster? Now you can with these aerobatics lessons out of Damyns Hall near London with the famous Tiger Club. You’ll be taking to the sky (and turning it upside down) in a powerful CAP10 stunt plane with a seasoned aerobatics pilot at the helm.

This Damyns Hall club has a bit of history when it comes to aerobatic flying. In fact back in the day it was pretty much responsible for bringing sport and stunt flying to the fore in the UK. Club members would bring in brand new aerobatics planes never seen before in this country flying them in ways never thought possible. The team was even instrumental in introducing Formula One air racing. So as you can probably tell this lot rather like flying tricks in the air.

What’s more they’re rather good at it too. As well as offering aerobatics training in the impressive CAP10 several pilots are part of the Turbulent Display Team. Affectionately known as ‘The Turbs’ they take their aerial stunts and barnstorming shenanigans to air displays around the country. Practiced enthusiastic and dedicated this certainly is one small but powerfully entertaining team.

But back to your aerobatics lesson at Damyns Hall. Just south of Upminster station this airfield is really easy to get to and it’s mad to think that there’s somewhere so close to the capital where you can pop along to one sunny day and start learning to fly some fancy aerial manoeuvres for yourself. And it’s all thanks to the expertise of these aerobatics pilots based at Damyns.

And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing on this stunt plane experience in the school’s CAP10. A very capable little aircraft you’ll be invited to take control and even execute some of the basic aerial trick moves all by yourself. You will certainly get your chance to see Upminster from upside down as you learn to loop and roll!

For 20 very glorious and g-forcing minutes you’ll be performing aerobatics above Upminster. It’s a fabulous opportunity to fly with some of the country’s most experienced stunt pilots out there. And who knows by the end of the flight you might be up for a short sequence of moves that look very impressive from the ground at Damyns Hall.

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