Aerobatics Experience Camberley

Dare yourself to some aerobatics out of Blackbushe! This experience will quite literally turn your world upside down as you take to the skies over Camberley in a Cessna Aerobat aerobatic plane for a thrilling 30-minute flight.

If you think your standard air experience is a little tame this is the flight of fancy for you. The two seater Aerobat is your classic high-wing aerobatics trainer having taught many a budding pilot to bust those aerial moves.

You’ll need to be pretty brave for these aerobatic sessions. It’s all quite disorientating when you look up and you see the ground. Miles and miles of it. Where’s the sky gone? It’s above you and you’re flying inverted in your super agile little Cessna! Back to level flight and you’ll sink back into your seat giving you just enough time to compose yourself before you’re off again pulling off another impressive trick.

Taking you on this aerobatic adventure will be Chief Flying Instructor Steve Morley or one of his equally talented colleagues at Camberley. These pilots live for flying and love nothing more than taking the Cessna for a spin with a willing passenger alongside them. And when we say spin we mean it literally. Spin entry and recovery will be explained to you before your skilled pilot sends the plane into a tumble…

It’s utterly thrilling stuff flying aerobatics and Blackbushe is a great airport to do it from. It’s a busy flying club and school with lots of aircraft. A lot more relaxed than it was in its RAF heydey of 1944 when over 3000 staff were stationed here it’s steeped in history with civil aviation at Blackbushe since 1945.

If you manage to keep your eyes open during your flight you’ll get a bird’s eye view of all the hustle and bustle of Camberley from the rows and rows of neatly lined motors at the British Car Auctions lot to trains passing through Fleet station and cars streaming along the adjacent A30.

And just one more thing. When you sign up for aerobatics at Camberley you’ll also get the chance to take control of the Cessna Aerobat. You could be getting you first hands-on taste of aerobatic flying out of Blackbushe Airport thanks to the brilliant instructing team here.

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