Aerobatics in Blackpool

Scare someone you love silly with our Aerobatics Blackpool experience! Flying in a small plane is all well and good but when that light aircraft is looping the loop over Blackpool that really is quite something else – and that’s just what’s on offer with these superb sessions.

Operating out of Blackpool Airport you and a fully qualified aerobatics instructor will be heading for the skies for a high thrills half hour of aerial antics. The plane you’ll be in is a Reims Cessna FA150K Aerobat – renowned the world over for being a tough little cooky and remarkably willing to twist and turn at all angles deftly cutting through the clouds with soaring ascents and plunging descents to pull those ‘g’ forces.

On the day of your experience we can only imagine the levels of nervous excitement as you arrive at the school’s office and clubhouse on the edge of Blackpool International Airport ready for some aerobatics. This venue is family founded owned and run so you are sure of warm welcome that’ll put your at ease before your flight.

Before take off there’s a route planning briefing a walk around the Cessna as she sits on the apron and then it’s into the cockpit start the engines and taxi away ready for hitting the blue skies above Blackpool for some serious aerobatic feats. Starting gently your pilot will demonstrate climbing and descending before gradually moving on to the trickier stunts including loops and rolls. You might even see the famous Blackpool Tower – upside down!

Each aerobatics Blackpool session gives you around 30 minutes in the air enough time to get used to the sensation of being in a light Cessna aircraft cruising a couple of thousand feet over the ground and enjoying the sensations of aerobatic flight too. To round off a truly thrilling half an hour in the air you will be invited to have a go at flying yourself – as these nifty aerobatic planes at this Blackpool base are conveniently all dual-controlled so what are you waiting for!

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