Aerobatics Oxfordshire

Your aerial mission should you choose to accept it is to fly aerobatics in Oxfordshire! Smooth and level flight is all well and good but if you’re sitting in a CAP10 you’ll be itching to get those G forces going so bring it on. This is aerobatics in a thrilling CAP10 style!

Heading out from Bicester Heritage Park this is a lovely place to fly from. It’s steeped in aviation history and about as authentic as it gets for a former RAF station. But you’re not here to exchange aviation anecdotes you’re here to experience what it’s like doing aerobatics in a CAP10 – and learn how to bust some of the moves yourself.

Of course having the right tool for the job always helps. Those as near as aerodynamically perfect elliptical wings on the CAP10 are hand built in wood by French master craftsmen. That means it’s a true thoroughbred of the skies with much more character than nose wheel aeroplanes and considerably more friendly than tandem-seated machinery.

Indeed this nippy little aircraft is hailed as the ‘finest aerobatic trainer ever built’ by this Oxfordshire operator’s boss Chris Thompson. And you won’t have to just take his word for it you will be finding out for yourself as you get airborne. Within minutes you’ll be invited to take the controls to learn all about the three golden moves: loops rolls and stall turns. Get those manoeuvres cracked and you’re well on the way to becoming an aerobatics supremo in the sky!

And whilst you might be starting off as a novice your fellow crew member is most definitely not. All are highly qualified and experienced with many hours flying impressive aerial displays at air shows. What’s more whilst you’re sitting somewhat nervously in the cockpit these guys have that aura of absolute cool-as-a-cucumber calm. Which is perhaps just as well when they are letting complete beginners loose in a powerful aerobatics plane.

Before your 25 minutes of aerobatics over Oxfordshire come to an end there’s usually time for one more little aviation treat – an aerobatic sequence which is a series of linked tricks. This came be as elegant and fluid as you like or be as wild as your stomach can cope with! Cue the Cubans Hesitation Rolls and Avalanches in the air!

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