Aerobatics Surrey

Try some fancy aerobatics over Surrey in a Cessna Aerobat! With this aerial stunt session you’ll be flying from Redhill a busy little airport in Surrey. At the helm will be a fully qualified aerobatics pilot who will be only too pleased to show you some aerial manoeuvres.

You’ll take off in a 152 Aerobat a twin seat single engined high wing light aircraft that’s certified for +6/-3g. These impressive little trainer planes are equipped specifically for aerobatics with things like four-point harnesses skylights (so you can see the world upside down!) and even doors that can be jettisoned. Powered by a Lycoming flat four engine this sporting Cessna has 110hp and a maximum speed of 126mph making it a fabulous choice for pulling some aerobatic moves in those sunny Surrey skies.

As your pilot will explain when you’re doing tricks in the air it’s the climb rate that counts – and the Aerobat climbs at very capable 715ft per minute. But what does that feel like? Well sitting side by side with your skilled instructor you will have the coveted front row seat to experience it all first hand.  

Feel fab when flying inverted  love the loop the loops grin at the barrel rolling and probably close your eyes at some point during the thrilling stall turns. It’s all ‘take your breath away’ stuff that your friends and family will delight in watching from the comfort of solid ground back at the aerobatic school’s base at Surrey’s Redhill Airport.

Of course for serious aviation fans in Surrey the 30 minute aerobatic flight just won’t be enough. That’s why we’ve also put together this combo package that gives budding pilots a 30-minute trial flight combined with the half hour of aerobatics too. This means you can learn all about how to fly one of these little planes before enjoying a full on session of aerial twists and turns giving you the best of both aviation worlds all wrapped up in a 60 minute total flight time.

Aerobatics Surrey – exciting stuff with a unique way to combine a lesson with some adrenaline-fuelled aerial tricks on option. We think these duo of experiences will definitely show you just what these nimble Cessna Aerobats are capable of. 

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