AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking Experience

This is your chance to go wing walking in Gloucestershire with AeroSuperBatics! AeroSuperBatics has operated the world’s only aerobatic wing walking display team since 1987 and has flown at many airshows performing as the Crunchie Flying Circus the Guinot wingwalkers the Utterly Butterly Barnstormers and the Breitling wingwalkers. You’ll need nerves of steel and a head for heights for this one but it is totally amazing.

If you’ve ever been to an air show in the UK the chances are you will have seen this wing walking team performing. The AeroSuperBatics wing walkers have thrilled and delighted over six million spectators in the UK alone with their daredevil aerial antics. Now it’s over to you to literally climb up onto the wing of a biplane and go fly!

You’ll be heading to AeroSuperBatic’s home base at ex WW1 Rendcomb Aerodrome in the Cotswolds for this wing walking experience. All pilots are current display team pilots and your coach will be a fully trained professional wing walker. Appropriately your AeroSuperBatics safety briefing takes place in a fully restored Officer’s Mess building dating back to 1916 where the World War 1 RAF pilots would assemble before taking off on their training sorties.

The professional AeroSuperBatics wingwalkers will tell you that you need some serious core strength to perform handstands at 1000ft whilst battling the wind pressure of flying at 150mph. And in fact it’s quite a mission just to get to the wing walk rig of the 1940s AeroSuperBatics Stearman biplane. And to give you an idea of wind pressure think about how it feels if you stick your head out of car window being driven at 70mph on the motorway – and double it!

Of course any activity like wing walking carries an element of risk but these Gloucestershire-based wing walkers have a 100% safety record having operated thousands of wing walks since they started in 1984 and they’re considered the industry leaders. One thing we will say is that you should check the requirements carefully before buying a voucher as the height and weight limits are quite strict.

Once you’re strapped in and up there on the wing taxiing along you’re sure to be thinking “What on earth am I doing? I’m actually standing on the wing of plane that’s about to take off.” You sure are. And once you’re airborne and wing walking look down at your gathered friends and family and (try) and give them a hearty wave as your pilot performs fly pasts zoom climbs steep dives and even banked turns – just like AeroSuperBatics professionals!

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AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking Experience
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