Archery Combo in Cheshire

Our Cheshire archery venue offers a double dose of target practice to tempt you! You can either go for the classic archery session in Cheshire or you can combine it with time at the air rifle range too to see if you really are a multitasking hotshot!

Brilliantly located for easy access from Manchester Liverpool and Chester this archery and outdoor centre at Catton Hall offers a superb backdrop covering over 200 acres of Cheshire countryside – perfect for a taste of archery one of the oldest country pursuits known to man.

If you decide on the standard archery experience here in Cheshire you’ll start off with a welcome and safety briefing before heading to the target range bow in hand with a full hour to spend trying to aim those arrows in the right direction. You might start off missing the target completely but then as you get more comfortable with your shot you should be hitting the black circle then the blue then the red and finally that elusive orange bullseye.

Plumping for the archery and air rifling combined experience means you get to spend around 45 minutes shooting the bow and arrows before leaving the archery area for the rifle range which is one of the finest in Cheshire.  With tuition from an actual ex-Army weapons instructor you will be shown how to shoot a rifle being as accurate as possible with your aim.

As with the archery session this Cheshire venue is big on safety so the rifles you’ll be using are already pre-loaded and special non-recoil models are used for these taster experiences.  Once again you will have around 45 minutes to fine tune your shooting skills.

Whether you choose the Cheshire archery-only session or the combination experience with air rifle shooting added the mantra is the same ; ‘A keen eye a steady hand and quick reactions’ as the teachers here at this lovely rifle and archery ground in Cheshire would say! Thrilling stuff and much more of it on our archery lessons main section! 

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