Archery Edinburgh

Take aim draw and release your inner archer with a session learning archery in Edinburgh. You’ll be shooting at a range of targets at this fantastic Scottish venue surrounded by stunning scenery and you will get a feel for what this medieval arrow-based sport is all about yet only seven miles from Edinburgh city centre.

Your archery lesson takes place at the idyllic 13th century Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh where the extensive grounds offer some of the best sport in Lothian. You’ll begin by meeting your instructor who’ll be the one talking you through the techniques and skills required to become adept at archery using a recurve bow. They’ll show you the correct stance how to load and aim your arrow as well as giving some tips for successful shooting.

This activity is also great for a family or group of friends as you can book up to six people on one archery voucher. The Edinburgh centre is able to offer tuition to supervised children as young as nine so there’s no need to book the babysitter if you want to give your archer’s arms a stretch as the kids can join in too.

This picture postcard setting is the ideal location to learn a traditional hunting sport. The bow and arrow have been popular for hundreds of years and once you get a sense of the skill and precision involved it’s easy to see why this was a favourite discipline among the nobility. Try your hand at archery in Edinburgh and discover the thrilling satisfaction of seeing your arrow hit its target.

For budding archers from further afield other popular archery lessons are available in clubs around the UK.

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