Archery Hampshire

It’s not just about archery in Eversley as this outdoor centre in Hampshire boasts rifle shooting and axe throwing too! It’s time you headed out to this quiet woodland location and tried your hand at some of the most fun and challenging target sports out there.

Poor weather doesn’t stop play here at this Hampshire hideout thanks to the dense wooded setting at Eversley – the only thing that might rumble your outing is high winds. So get ready to make the most of the great outdoors a la Robin Hood and learn some archery home some shooting skills and maybe even lob an axe or two as well.

Every member of the team here in Hampshire is well-versed when it comes to teaching total beginners the basics of all the disciplines offered. For the archery you might well find yourself going from zero to archer hero thanks to the top tips and training from your hosts. All the essentials are covered including how to stand how to load (or knock) your arrow and how to release it from your bow.

With any luck by the end of your session your arrows will be whistling through the air and landing slap-bang on the bulls eyes and no longer flying behind or flopping unceremoniously onto the ground before reaching the target if you shoot short.

After the archery you get to do air rifling too out of this Eversley base. For the air rifle session a .22 bore fire power will be in your hands. Once again this is run outside and all the gear and tuition needed is included as is unlimited ammo so the more efficient you are at loading the more shots you’ll get to fire off!

The add-on to these sessions is axe throwing. This ultimate combination voucher gives you a trio of thrilling activities so as well as polishing up your bow skills and firing off pellets with your rifle you get to chuck a few axes at hunks of tree trunk. Oh yes it’s proper ‘man mountain’ stuff here! You start with ‘flying angels’ (smaller lighter axes that have angel-like spread ‘wings’) then once you’ve got that sussed you’ll move on to the Tomahawk axe. Give it an overarm throw and watch as it spins through the air…will it stick with a satisfying ‘thud’ or will it hit the target handle-side and plummet to the ground?

And remember as well as classic archery in Eversley these sessions give you double or even triple the fun at this relaxed and friendly forest hangout in Hampshire with air rifles and axe throwing added to the mix. What’s more you can even take your paper targets home so you can keep the evidence of your fine aim for all to inspect!

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