Archery in Brighton

Add archery in Brighton to your day out at the seaside! Located just north of the city centre near the A27 this outdoor archery centre is a great place for beginners to get to grips with archery suitable for families friends stags and hens. The surrounding countryside is absolutely stunning as you shoot arrows on the farmlands at the foot of the green grass ridge beyond.

This place is pretty idyllic. No wonder Gary who runs the shooting ground is such a happy chap. This ground is his pride and joy and he loves nothing better than watching guests have fun in the archery area of this Brighton venue. And indeed you might start off as a complete newcomer to the sport but with some training from the coaches you’ll come on leaps and bounds in just one archery session here in Brighton. You’ll be amazed how much you will improve in just an hour.

All tutors accompanying these small group taster sessions are GNAS trained. That’s to say the Grand National Archery Society. So as well as being archery enthusiasts they’re all excellent teachers and have more patience than the proverbial saint along with some good banter and maybe even some archery anecdotes to get you laughing too.

Mind you archery as a sport is a serious business. Safety is naturally paramount and the rules and regs will be explained before you head out to the range. And then there are the basic golden rules to become a tip-top archer. You’ll cover stance holding the bow gripping the riser drawing the bow and release techniques. Get these right and you’ll be well on the way to being spot on with ever single arrow you fire off.

You will be trying out traditional target archery in Brighton. This is the one where you aim at circular targets between 80 and 100ft away from you (just like they do in the Olympics!). If you want to add an extra dose of fire power to your day out in Brighton air rifle shooting is available as a bolt-on to this bow and arrow day.

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