Archery in Dorset

Try archery in Dorset at this idyllic countryside setting near Blandford! Covering acres and acres of land this superb adventure centre boasts a whole load of activities including a full archery set up staffed by experienced marshalls ready to show you what to do.

What will impress you as you roll into the long driveway in the countryside just south of Blandford Forum is the amount of wide open green space here. Still a working farm the Mead family decided it was time to diversify and we’re glad they did as this is one of the friendliest and fun centres for archery and other outdoor activities we’ve found in the whole of Dorset.

The archery set up is in a quiet corner of the farmland and even though it’s outdoors you are under cover so a bit of rain certainly won’t stop play here in Dorset. The targets are mounted on sturdy wooden blocks at varying distances to the stand and are classic multicoloured roundels. The bows are your typical recurve ones the best choice for novices of the sport.

During your hour of archery you’ll be shown the basics of using the bow and arrows by your instructor including how to comfortably hold the bow load the arrow and then release. Once everyone has fired off a round of arrows and it’s completely safe the marshall will allow you over the shooting line to go and have a close up look at your target so can see exactly where the arrows landed and how close to the coveted bullseye you are. Then it’s back to aim and release with bullseye being your goal.

If you’re looking for an activity you can enjoy in the great outdoors that involves concentration a keen eye and perhaps a little bit of luck too archery in Dorset is the perfect choice – and this friendly supplier near Blandford makes sure it’s safe and full of merriment too.

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