Archery in London

If like us you never would have thought there was anywhere you could do archery in London prepare to be pleasantly surprised as we have found a superb indoor archery centre offering taster lessons in the London Bridge area. Forget about seeing the sights it’s time to get the bullseye in your sights!

Lessons take place at either of the two venues this friendly and lively archery club uses in the vicinity of Bermondsey and London Bridge . The whole team is incredibly enthusiastic and loves nothing better than to welcome archers of all ages and teach them how to shoot.

Now a popular precision sport (and many of the archery instructors here at this London club have competed to pretty high level) archery has its roots in hunting and combat as well as popular tales such as William Tell who had to shoot an apple off the top of his son’s head with a bow and arrow – and now here’s your chance to take your stand and take a shot yourself.

All equipment and coaching is included with gear suitable for those as young as 11 always in stock here in London. Archery lessons all start with an introduction to the kit used and the safety rules of this indoor centre. The first task is to set up your stance on the shooting line with the bow pointing toward the target. Next you’ll load the bow by placing the shaft of the arrow on the arrow rest and complete the loading by ‘knocking the arrow’ – that is placing the rear end of the arrow onto the string. Then you’ll take sight and release!

The bows used are modern recurve bows the same style as shot at the Olympics as opposed to long bows which are less suitable for beginners to use. During your lesson you’ll get to know just how a bow and arrow work together and you may be introduced to some technical archery terms so you’ll be able to tell what the fletching on an arrow is. By the end of the session you’ll be shooting well enough to take part in a fun competition to find out who is the best archer on the day.

Archery London ‘Have a go’ lessons last for around an hour and a half in total and are a great way to discover this sport. All coaches at this professional indoor archery club in London are highly experienced and the head coaches are fully qualified and registered with Archery GB.

Find out more and book your place today!

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