Archery in North Nottingham

Get active outdoors when you try archery in north Nottingham! This is your chance to realise those Robin Hood dreams with archery lessons in the midst of Lime Woods near Calverton a lovely setting for honing your archer skills.

With easy access from the A60 Lime Woods sits proudly in the countryside north of Nottingham just six miles from the bustling city centre. With lots of rolling fields around you it’s no wonder this is the base for many outdoor activities without a doubt the most popular of which is archery. It’s easy to learn (but takes a lifetime to master!) accessible for all ages and just great fun in the great outdoors of north Notts.

These experiences are aimed at getting beginner archers to go from zero to hero. At the start your arrows might be flailing. But channel your inner Maid Marian or Robin Hood (this is the north of Nottingham after all!) and by the end of your experience you should be hearing that satisfying thud as the arrow flies straight and true right at that target. There’ll even be time for a little archery mini competition for you and your fellow archers.

It’s worth pointing out that this centre welcomes archers as young as eight years old into the fold so it really is an activity that the whole family can enjoy together. And of course all the gear you need to get firing those arrows is provided for all participants (including shorter easier to handle bows for the kids).

We’ll leave the last word to one recent visitor to the centre who said: ‘Absolutely brilliant. Excellent tuition. Excellent atmosphere. Extremely well organised and extremely safe environment.’ Praise indeed for these archery experiences in north Nottingham. Time to get booking!

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