Archery in Nottinghamshire

Archery in Nottingham – surely no location could be a more iconic setting for learning this traditional shooting sport. Hidden within the depths of Sherwood Forest lie 150 acres waiting to be explored and you could say it’s the spiritual home of archery courtesy of Robin Hood and his band of merry men.

Your bowshot session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes and includes full instruction in how to hold aim and fire your bow and arrow. Archery isn’t a skill that comes naturally to some people but the instructors at our Nottinghamshire activity centre are on hand to guide you through the techniques for drawing and releasing with speed and accuracy.

You’ll be fitted out with a suitable bow for your age and ability with standard recurve bows being a favourite ‘all-round’ design with archers everywhere. The Nottingham venue can cater for children as young as six years old but novices and seasoned pros alike are welcome and there’s something to challenge every ability range.

Your archery voucher is valid for a minimum of two people and a maximum of 20 meaning couples families or entire bands of merry men (and women) can all get something special from this target-based activity. If you’d prefer an exclusive lesson then a minimum of six people must book for weekend slots and 12 people on weekdays. However given the amount of time you’ll spend on the practice range this experience offers excellent value for money.

With no dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham lurking in the trees to aim for so you’ll be shooting arrows at standard circular archery boards. Don’t be surprised if to begin with you completely miss the target it won’t be long before a bulls-eye is yours and the sweet taste of victory lingers long after you’ve left the magical forest in Sherwood.

Surrounded by beautiful woodlands and an air of myth and folklore Sherwood Forest is the perfect scene for some archery antics and participants both young and old cannot fail to appreciate the aptness of learning the time-honoured sport of archery here. Nottingham and Sherwood Forest in particular is the perfect location for learning this skilled craft and a session in these woods will be a surefire hit with any sharp shooters out there.

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